Philip. Save. Andi

“Zombie Rescue Team”
Season 3, Episode 14
Air Date

January 22, 2015

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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The Truth About Kanays


Enchanted Ever After

Zombie Rescue Team[1] is the 14th episode of Season 3, and of Every Witch Way.


Mia's scheming reaches a peak when she freezes Andi; Diego is torn between helping Mia and standing by Andi.



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  • This episode marks the reappearance of Philip.
  • Mia freezes and unfreezes Andi.
  • The Hexoren releases Philip from the game.
  • Jax and Emma look for Andi.
  • Andi and Philip reunite.
  • Andi accuses Mia and is suspicious of her having the cristal.
  • Diego is torn about who to help: Andi or Mia.
  • Mia goes to Daniel's house and tells her about her family .
  • Gigi is suspicious and wants to know who put snow in the janitor's closet.
  • Mia and Andi have a magic fight/showdown.
  • The T3 reveal to Daniel that there was a fight between Mia and Andi.
  • Katie tries to talk to Maddie, but she refuses.


Desdemona: We've got to find that cristal. *gasps* What if the kanay girl has it?
Agamemnon: Don't worry, we'll get it. I sent that eager humanite after it *chuckles* Miss Cruz.
Desdemona: Andi?! Well she doesn't have any powers! She'll be doomed if she faces off with a kanay!
Agamemnon: She's resourceful. A bit annoying, but, resourceful. She'll get it; I made her an offer she couldn't refuse.
Desdemona: What offer?
Agamemnon: If she gets the Cristal, I'll sponsor her, as a guardian in training.
Andi (after Mia unfreezes her): I c-c-caught you. You have no where to run. (looks around)Uh, where are we? Is this your house?
Mia (walking towards her): It is. Which means you have nowhere to run.
Andi: Look Mia, it's a lot more fun for me to take you down with my cool guardians' gear, but it's better for you if you just give me the crystal.
Mia: You're not a guardian, you're just a kid.
Andi: So are you!
Mia (raising her voice): I'm a kanay! That's makes me WAY more powerful than you. (turns her back to her, then turns to face her again) Join me. I need an ally.
Andi: What about Katie?
Mia: I'm a little tired of Katie and her "LARPing" and her "Matching Socks Monday" and her "Incessant talk about being a Panther."
Andi: Yeah, that does wear think quickly.
Mia: You've actually got some skills I can use.
Andi (slightly cocky): I know that, but no thanks.
Tommy: It looks like there was a fight.
Daniel: Why do you say that?
Melanie: The distribution of the mess is consistent with the struggle
Robbie: We're mess experts.
Melanie (picking up Andi's shoe): Whose shoe is this?
Tommy: Let me see. (Melanie gives him the shoe) Ugh! Smells like perfume and engine oil.
Daniel (taking the shoe): I know whose this is. It's Andi's. I'll be right back.
Melanie: Where are you going? What do we tell mom?
Daniel: Tell her I went to check on Mia.
Andi: Diego come on, we've been friends for 10 years.
Mia: But we have a stronger bond; we're kanays.
Andi: I swam into that that dirty river to save your Bruiser Bear when we were 6.
Diego: That was Daniel's Bruiser Bear.
Mia: She wants to serve me up on a platter to the witches; you could be next! (Andi and Mia start fighting)


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