What's laundry?
~ Jax

“Zombie Boyfriend”
Season 2, Episode 19
Air Date

August 1, 2014

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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Beach Birthday Bash


Once Upon A Spell

 Zombie Boyfriend is the 19th episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma brings Andi's favorite video game character to life; Ursula tells Maddie to stop dating Diego; Desdemona frames Lily; the T3 pull a prank on Daniel with blue foam at the school play.



  • Daniel was the one to get pranked by the vote between him and Jax with blue Foam.
  • Philip is Andi's first boyfriend.
  • Maddie and Diego start dating in this episode.
  • Philip is Andi's first crush.
  • Maddie and Diego almost kiss.
  • Jax's evil plans are revealed in this episode because he suggested taking over the Magic Realm to Emma.
  • Desdemona tricks Agamemnon who then transports Lily away believing that she betrayed the council.
  • The T3 pull their biggest prank ever at the school play.
  • Ursula disapproves of Maddie dating Diego.
  • Daniel doesn't think Emma should have kept Phillip around, but Jax does.


The image gallery for Zombie Boyfriend may be viewed here.


Daniel: Are you putting lip gloss on for the zombie?
Andi: Phillip! And no, my lips are dry.
Daniel: You do realize he's a virtual zombie, right?
Jax (defending her): Oh c'mon, leave her alone.
Emma: Here it is, the locator spell. I'll summon Phillip and then send him back into the game.
Daniel: Sounds like a plan. (Emma begins to cast the spell)

Andi: Wait.

Emma: What?
Andi: I think he said my name back when we were in your room.
Jax (defending her again): Yeah, He did.
Emma: Yeah?
Andi: And, he hasn't tried to bite anyone.
Emma: That we know of.
Andi: I know he hasn't. Look, when I hacked the game, I programmed him to have the lowest level of aggression possible.
Emma: What are you saying?
Andi: I'm saying that, maybe I want to keep him.
Ursula: He is a Kanay, and no self-respecting witch dates a Kanay!
Maddie: You're just prejudice!
Ursula: I am not! I am a mother who wants what's best for her child.
Maddie: And I'm a girl who just wants to go to the play with her Proxy.
Ursula (gasping): You wouldn't! In front of the entire school?
Maddie: Yes! And then we're gonna have dinner, together, in a restaurant, in public. (Ursula starts heaving)
Andi: Preppy, seriously?
Phillip (trying on clothes): Andi, like?
Andi: Andi like cargo pants better.
Phillip (saddened): No like, Phillip...
Andi: No, no! Andi thinks Phillip is super cool, for an undead preppy guy. (They smile at each other)
Ursula (seeing Maddie and Diego walking in, laughing): Ahahaha *snorts* That is hilarious.
Maddie: Mother, are you having an imaginary conversation with Mr. Alonso, again?
Ursula: NO, I am just laughing along with you and your, friend here.
Diego (walking closer to Ursula, with a smile): Did you just call me Maddie's friend, not the yucky kanay, or the stinky son of fire?
Ursula (backing up): Yes! Yes, I did, and now, uh, friend, I need to have a conversation with my Maddie-winky, alone.
Maddie: Proxy make me a chocolate shake, please.
Diego (complying): Okay. (leaves)
Ursula: Did you just say, please?!
Maddie: Yes! It's something I've been practicing. It's gracious, bossing around.


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