W.I.T.s Academy is a training academy for young witches and wizards in training. Guardians also attend there to train to become Guardians. Agamemnon is the headmaster.

Students Edit


  • Andi Cruz
  • Jessie Novoa
  • Ben Davis
  • Ethan Prescott
  • Emily Prescott
  • Luke Archer
  • Gracie Walker
  • Sean De Soto
  • Kim Sanders
  • Sienna
  • Harris


  • Lily (graduated)
  • Jax Novoa (expelled)
  • Liana Woods (graduated)
  • Ruby Webber (expelled)
  • Samantha (expelled)
  • Jack (expelled)
  • Sophie (expelled)


Former StaffEdit

  • Malas Manos (Former Coach)
  • Leopold Archer (Former Instructor)
  • Unknown Teacher's Name (Flashback; Season 4) – (Former Teacher)

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