You took my daughter away so how about I make yours disappear?

“Van Pelt Reunion”
Season 4, Episode 12
Air Date

July 21, 2015

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Jeff Sayers


Clayton Boen

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Van Pelt Reunion is the 12th episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma misses her mother and becomes consumed with finding out more about her; an unwelcome guest appears at the Van Pelt reunion.



  • An intruder begins to enter Emma's house, until it is revealed to be Jax.
  • Jax and Liana reunite with each other once again.
  • Liana explains why she left Jax when he was younger.
    • Liana left when Jax was seven.
    • Jake wanted to make Jessie the Chosen One, while Liana wanted to have a happy family.
    • Liana wanted to bring Jax with her and Jessie, but he protected himself when he was younger.
  • Upon seeing Jax and Liana together, it makes Emma miss her mother.
  • Maddie and Diego miss each other terribly.
  • Andi wants to begin her guardian training.
  • Emma is distracted of missing her mother and doesn't listen to Andi's desire to start her guardian training.
  • Emma refuses to let Andi begin her training.
  • Emma confronts her father regarding photos of her mother.
  • Sophie and Katie attempts to help Maddie move on from Diego.
  • Maddie decides to win Diego back.
  • Fransico discovers Emma to be missing.
  • Maddie and Diego get back together.
  • Emma talks to Jax about missing her mother.
  • Andi and Daniel talk about their problems.
  • Daniel misses Mia, Billy and the Sanctuary.
  • Daniel asks Andi to help him meet the Council to which she agrees to help.
  • Maddie and Diego arrive at the Van Pelt reunion together.
  • Maddie stands by Diego.
  • Ursula allows Diego to stay at the reunion.
  • Fransico shows Emma a scrapebook of her mother.
  • Jessie learns that Jax went to see their mother.
  • Ursula becomes the new leader of the Van Pelt family.
  • Jake Novoa arrives at the Van Pelt Reunion.
  • Diego repeals Jake's magic, turning him into a hamster.
  • Diego saves Maddie from Jake Novoa and is finally accepted by Ursula and her family.
  • Emma gains an idea to go back in time to save her mother.


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Emma (after seeing it was Jax who came through the door): Jax?
Jax (confused): Em?
Liana: Jax.
Jax (suprised): Mum!
Andi: Hey! Feeling kind of left out over here.
Jax: Mum, what are you-woah! (falls to the ground) Um, a little help?!
Ursula (knocking on the door): Maddie-winky! How's it going in there? Did you find something that screams "reunion fab"? (walks in and sees her in bed eating ice cream) What, uh, what is that?
Maddie: Oh relax. It's Italian.
Ursula: Oh, is this some new trend that I haven't heard about? *gasps* Ooh! If it is, could you get me one in fuchsia?
Maddie: It's my 'lay in bed and wallow in misery' outfit.
Ursula: Oh. Well in that case, it's nothing that a quick makeover won't fix. *claps* Girls! (Katie and Sophie walk in with bags of supplies)
Maddie: I'm not going to the reunion. I'm not sure I'll ever get out of this bed, or out of this onesie, *she rubs the onesie* EVER AGAIN!
Sophie: Ooh! Does that mean your shoe collection will be up for grabs?
Maddie: Yeah yeah, it's all yours. *take another scoop of ice cream*
Emma: I'm jealous of you Jax.
Jax (confused): Wait, what?
Emma: Wait, let me try that again. I'm happy for you, but, upset for myself. It's hard to describe. I was watching you and your mom today and I can't help thinking I wish I has a chance at that.
Jax: Wow. I'm sorry Emma. I wish I had the chance to give you that; I would in a second. But look at the bright side of things, you have an amazing parent who really, really cares about you. (They smile at each other)
Daniel (to Andi, sitting down at her table at the Seven): Thanks for meeting me here. I really need your help and it doesn't seem like anybody else wants to listen.
Andi: Know how that feels. I mean, I tried to talk to Emma to get this whole guardian thing going, and she completely blew me off.
Daniel (venting): It's just that I don't understand why you guys brought me back here.
Andi (also venting, not paying attention to what Daniel's saying): And then she tried to talk me into this whole "not the time" bit, and I'm just like, 'Uh, no time like the present time!' Am I right?
Daniel (still venting, not paying attention to what Andi's saying): I was happy where I was. Now Billy is gone, Mia hates me, and some other family runs the sanctuary. *pause*
Andi: Good talk.
Daniel: Totally.



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