I am too a witch! I'm your sister.

“Twisted Sister”
Season 4, Episode 6
Air Date

July 13, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer & Charlotte Owen


Clayton Boen

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A Tale of Two Lives


Lunch at Lola's

Twisted Sister is the 6th episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way.


With time running out, Emma tries her best to restore Daniel's memory, Jax meets his long lost sister Jessie.



  • It's revealed that Jax and Jessie's mother has been dead for 10 years.
  • Jessie has a photo of herself and Jax with their mother as babies.
  • Jessie is revealed to have been living in a foster home and learned of Jax's existence from a letter from Ursula, who is revealed to have been watching over him.
  • Gigi witnesses Maddie doing magic again.
  • When Maddie tries to erase Gigi's memories, she accidently hits Daniel but is able to reverse it and again erases Gigi's memories. 
  • Daniel allows Andi to look after his pet snake Billy.
  • Jax sneaks into his father's office to discover more about his sister, but doesn't find anything.
  • Jax discovers his father has a plan regarding Emma and wants him involved.
  • Emma shows Daniel several places to restore his memories such as...
    • The Seven.
    • Emma and Daniel's secret spot.
    • The Lifeguard Post.
  • Daniel learns more of his and Emma's past relationship, including the reason why they broke up.
  • Jessie meets Andi and Emma and learns of Jax and Emma's relationship.
  • The Council takes Daniel to Lily's office to learn more of the Continuum Break.
  • Daniel says he wants to return back to the Everglades, but Emma is able to change his mind.
  • Jax informs Emma of his father's plan.
  • Jessie meets her father Jake, who is revealed to be aware of her existence.


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Sophie (running into the Seven): Oh Seven! How I missed you.
Diego (walking in after her): We were only gone like a day.
Gigi (walking in after Diego): I need my spare phone, NOW.
Maddie (walking in after Gigi): My clothes smell like *sniffs it* RV.
Diego (talking about the snake): Whoa, dude, I said I said that you could stay over, not him.
Daniel: But where's he gonna stay?
Andi: He can stay with me. I'm not a "fraidy mc-scaredy-cat".
Diego (defensive): I'm not afraid, okay. It's-Gigi. She has snakeophobia.
Jake's assistant: We heard back from the Council.
Jake: And?
Assistant: They're concerned that the Chosen One's pursuing the Continuum Break but agree only to monitor the situation. *Jake clacks the neuton balls* Should I up the pressure, threaten to convene an emergency session at the board?
Jake: No, no. This is good. let her keep at it until she exhausts herself. She'll be easier to break when the time comes for me to make my move.
Assistant: And your son? Is he on board?
Jake: Not yet, but he will be.
Andi (walking up to him): Hey, Jax, why weren't you at- (sees Jessie) Uh, who's your friend?
Jax: She's not my friend she my sister, maybe.
Andi (shocked): You have 'maybe' sister? Since when?
Jax: Since I was 5, apparently.
Andi: Is she a-you know...
Jessie (finishing the sentence): A witch? Yes, I am; I know it.
Jax: It's not clear yet.
Jessie (to Andi): How 'bout you, are you a witch too?
Andi: Oh, no, but I'm a guardian. Well, I will be, soon.
Jax (to Andi): Hey, have you seen Emma today?
Jessie (interrupting): What's a guardian?
Andi: Oh, it's a witch without powers. They look after other witches.
Jessie: But you said you weren't a witch.
Andi (bragging): I'm not. I am the first HUMAN guardian.
Jessie: Oh, that's even lamer than a witch without powers. *Andi gasps and Jax laughs, causing Andi to hit him*
Jessie: Who's Emma? *perking up* Is she your girlfriend?! For how long? Is she a witch too?!
Jax (annoyed): You have reached your daily question limit. Sorry.
Emma (entering Lily's office soaking wet): Do you MIND?
Desdemona: Well, we could ask you the same question.
Agamemnon: We have reason to believe that it was YOU that caused the Continuum Break.
Emma: I know! I'm trying to fix it and you're getting in the way!
Agamemnon: We're not getting in the way we're taking ratings. There's only been one other break in recorded history and this data could prove to be quite useful.
Desdemona: If it doesn't destroy the world.
Daniel (fed up): You know what? I've tried, but this is too much! I'm sorry, but I'm gonna take my snake, and I'm gonna go.
Emma: Daniel, wait! *grunts at the Council and goes after him*