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“The Truth About Kanays”
Season 3, Episode 13
The Truth About Kanays
Air Date

January 21, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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The Truth About Kanays[1] is the 13th episode of Season 3, and of Every Witch Way.


Andi and Jax search for a solution to Emma's invisibility; the Cristal de Caballero goes missing.


The Cristal de Caballero goes missing and Andi accidentally blurt out the fact that Emma cast an invisible spell by accident. At Emma's house, Jax tries to cheer Emma up, he does a dance which makes Emma laugh, then he plays a slow song and he and Emma dance together. Daniel walks in on them, then Daniel and Jax start to argue, then Emma leaves without them knowing. Jax meets Emma at Iridium High near the secret locker that leads to the Witches Council, Jax tells her to go in there. Meanwhile, Maddie is mad at Diego, then she cast a spell to make him stick to her like gum under a shoe. Later, Francisco is very upset with Emma for not making it to her interview, he then says he doesn't believe her excuses anymore and he grounds her and takes away her phone and her ability to go to afterschool clubs and he banns her from seeing Jax or Daniel. Later, Mia is in her basement and she is looking at photos, then she has a flashback of her and her Dad. In her flashback her Dad says every Kanay gets their other half and that Mia will find her half. At the end of the episode, Mia says, "Don't worry Dad, I already found my half", looking at a picture of Diego.



  • This might be the end of Demma.
  • This is the episode where Jemma has their first dance.
  • Mia steals the Cristal de Caballero back.
  • It is shown that the principal smashed the crystal.
  • Emma gets grounded for the first time.
  • Jax and Daniel are not allowed to come to Emma house after her dad says she is grounded.
  • Mia's father is shown. (In flashbacks)
  • The council removes the invisibility spell on Emma.
  • Mia shape shifts into Nurse Lily and threatens Gigi.
  • Emma misses the big brains interview.
  • Diego and Maddie kiss in this episode.
  • Lily and Desdemona help Andi out of her bathroom situation.


The image gallery for The Truth About Kanays may be viewed here.


Emma (invisible): Jax! Thank goodness I found you.
Jax (looking around): Emma? Where are you? (taking out his phone) Did I butt dial you again?
Emma: No, I'm right here.
Jax: Where? (touches him) Ah! (backs away from his locker)
Emma: Sorry, I'm just trying to show you where I am.
Jax (realizing): Wait, you're-
Emma: Yes, I'm invisible and in a lot of trouble.
Jax: Don't worry. We have the reversal spell remember, we can just-
Daniel (storming up to Jax): YOU!
Jax: Not now, okay, I'm busy.
Daniel (raising his voice): Doing what?
Jax (seeing his appearance, laughing): It's an improvement I'd say very, dairy-chic.
Daniel: You think this is funny?! I'll show you what funny is. (walks toward Jax)
Emma: It wasn't him.

Daniel: Emma? Where are you?

Emma: Right here, and I dumped the yogurt on your head because you deserved it.
Andi (entering the nurses' office): Hello Council members. I'm here to receive my reward for finding and fixing, the Cristal de Caballero. (The Council gives her looks and Andi takes in the appearance of the office) Whoa, you know what this place was way tidier, when it was my office. Just saying.
Lily: Andi, have you seen the cristal?
Andi: What? No, why?
Agamemnon: The cristal you're bragging about, appears to have gone missing.
Desdemona: What about Mr. Novoa? This seems to be right up his alley.
Andi (scoffing): Wait, Jax wouldn't take it he found it.
Agamemnon: I thought you said YOU found it.
Andi: What-I did! Jax just kinda helped, a little, but the reward should still go to me.
Lily: Ugh, this is a nightmare!
Andi: What's the big deal?
Desdemona : The big deal is that any witch in the presence of the cristal can't cast any spells.
Andi: Oh wait, that's not true. Emma cast an invisibility sp- (stops herself) spread. Yeah, that uh, invincible spread she make uh, artichokes and swiss cheese.
Agamemnon: Oh, that sounds delectable.
Francisco: Where've you been?
Emma (stammering): I-I-it's kinda hard to explain.
Francisco (standing up from couch) : I don't want to hear it. You know you missed your Big Brains Interview.
Emma (devastated): Oh no, I forgot! Are they gone, is it too late?
Francisco: Yes. I tried calling you over a dozen times.
Emma (checking her phone): My phone was, uh, out of batteries. I'm so sorry dad.
Francisco: Yeah, me too. You know that I went through a lot of trouble to set up that interview for you?
Emma: I know you did.
Francisco: They don't even consider teenagers, but when I told them you've already mastered Zermelo's Theorum, they made an exception.
Emma: I don't know what to say. I had to-
Francisco (cutting her off): I don't want to hear anymore excuses! I don't even know what's going on with you, but I have been very patient, very trusting, and very understanding-
Emma (cutting in): I know you have, and I really appreaciate-
Francisco (raising his voice): I AM NOT DONE EMMA. (crosses to the kitchen and sits at the table) I-I don't trust you anymore. I don't even know where you were, what you were doing, and I can't have that.
Emma: I wasn't doing anything bad Dad, I promise.
Francisco: Doesn't matter. You're grounded (Emma's eyes widen, in shock)


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