The Panthers
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General Information
Nickname Panthers
Intimacy Level Popular Girls/BFFs
Friendship Started Before Discovery
Friendship Status Best Friends
The Panthers are a group at Iridium High. The group includes Maddie Van Pelt, Katie Rice, and Sophie Johnson. They are also the Latin American counterpart of the Red Panthers.

The Panthers

Panthers 1
Panthers 4
Maddie is the Panther leader while Katie and Sophie are her assistants. Sophie is the co-leader and Katie secretly wants to be Head Panther. Sophie is the least intelligent of the group, but she certainly is unique in her own way. Katie and Sophie often help Maddie in her plans to win back Daniel, but when Maddy gets carried away, Katie always tries to stop her.

Maddie Van Pelt- Head Panther

Maddie is the leader of the Panthers and is the most popular girl in school. She loves pink strawberry smoothies and cares about the way she looks a lot of the time. She is also a witch and the plans to take down Emma Alonso and become The Chosen One.

Katie Rice

Second In Command

Katie is actually Maddie's servant. She always does what Maddie wants. Her nickname is "The Second in Command that I do not really like" (by Maddie). She secretly wants to be the head of The Panthers, replacing Maddie Van Pelt, which only happens in her dreams! Katie has left the Panthers twice.

Sophie Johnson

Sophie Johnson is not very clever, but it does not mean that she can not be one of the Panthers. In fact, she is ideally suited for the group. Sophie is nicknamed "The Dreamer Panther". She and Maddie have been best friends since kindergarten.


The gallery for The Panthers can be viewed here.


  • It s unknown how the Panthers started.
  • Andi was a Panther for a day in Pantherized.
  • They celebrate a Holiday known as Pastel Friday. Which is similar to the same day in Mean Girls.
  • They wear the same patterned socks with their uniform.
  • They have a signature gesture called the Smoothie Smuther.
  • It is revealed in Frenemies they have Panther Meetings, where they talk about other people.
  • They have a signiture gesture, where they giggle and move their fingers while touching the other's fingers.
  • Maddie wears wedges, while Katie and Sophie wear flats.


Katie and Sophie: Present!
Maddie: Never go to the bathroom without me!