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“The No-Sleep Sleepover”
Season 2, Episode 9
Air Date

July 18, 2014

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Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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Werewolves in Siberia


Outta Hand

The No-Sleep Sleepover is the 9th episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.


When Daniel, Diego and Jax crash a sleepover at Maddie's house, they encounter a mysterious creature; Sophie is asked by Ursula to keep a very important secret.



  • Emma finds out that Ursula has Maddie's powers.
  • Maddie tries to find out if Emma has her powers.
  • The creature is Sophie in zombie makeup.
  • Daniel is very worried about Emma being hurt by the monster.
  • Maddie gave Andi a makeover and made her look like a princess instead of a zombie.
  • Daniel and Diego invite Jax to their "all nighter."
  • It turns out Sophie owes a favor to the Prime Minister of Canada.
  • Gigi records the whole sleepover for her blog.
  • Diego is jealous Daniel knows so much about Maddie's house.
  • Gigi knocks out the power.
  • Andi grabs Diego's leg after hearing there's a zombie in the house.
  • Maddie refuses to help trap the creature.
  • The guys' trap captures Sophie.
  • Ursula hides from Desdemona, thinking she will get in trouble with the Council for having Maddie's powers.
  • Ursula drives the guys back home.


The image gallery for The No-Sleep Sleepover may be viewed here.


Maddie (seeing Emma and Andi walk in): Emma.
Emma: Maddie.
Katie: Andi.
Andi: Katie.
Maddie: Andi.
Andi: Maddie.
Katie: Emma.
Emma: Katie.
Sophie: Jenny! (they all look at her, confused) Aren't we doing favorite names?
Jax: Hey guys, thank for inviting me to your sleepover.
Daniel and Diego: ALL-NIGHTER.
Diego: Sleepovers are for girls. We're men. (to Daniel while they play video games) You just ate my magic alfalfa beans!
Jax (with Diego & Daniel outside Maddie's house): How are we gonna get in?
Daniel: There's a kitchen window that's always unlocked.
Diego: How do you know? Oh, that's right, you dated Maddie first. (Daniel rolls his eyes)
Daniel (continuing): And if that doesn't work, we can climb the big tree, it goes right up to Maddie's room.
Diego (clearly jealous): Ooh, look at Mr. Know It All, showing off his knowledge.
Jax (chuckles, to Diego): You jealous?
Daniel: Dude, chill.
Diego: I am chill! (Daniel and Jax keep going) I'm the chilliest guy there is. I'm Mr. Chill!
Andi: What happened to the lights?
Gigi: I don't know. One minute I'm plugging in all my high-powered, heavy duty live streaming equipment, and the next, *buzzes* lights go out.
Andi: So, you blew a fuse?
Gigi: No! Maybe.
Andi: I'm gonna go try to find the fuse box.
Gigi (grabbing Andi): No, don't leave me.
Andi: What? You'll be fine. If the creature comes out, just play dead.
Gigi: Does that work?
Andi: About 50% of the time.
Jax (talking about the "zombie"): So how are we gonna lure this thing in?
Daniel: We have to be really subtle, that way we don't-
Daniel (sarcastic, giving him a look): Real subtle.
Maddie (walking over to sit with Emma): I figured it all out. When I lost my powers, they landed on you.
Emma: That's crazy.
Maddie: Not any crazier than the "Folio Moon" giving you powers. Now give them back!
Emma: I don't know how to do that!
Maddie: So you admit it?
Emma: No, I'm saying hypothetically-
Maddie: I was right, you better watch out.
Emma: No, YOU better watch out. (Maddie gasps)You are right. I have powers and you don't, so don't MESS with me!
Maddie (whispering): What's gotten into you?
Emma: Who knows? Maybe it's the "foolio moon." Maybe, it's the berry taste tuna tarts. Whatever it is, I'm not backing down. Now BACK OFF, and let me eat in peace. (Maddie clams up, surprised at what just happened)


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