What have you done?!

“The Kanay Strikes Back”
Season 3, Episode 19
The Kanay Strikes Back
Air Date

January 29, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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The Kanay Strikes Back[1] is the 19th episode of Season 3, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma and Andi struggle with turning Philip into a human; Diego and Mia engage in a Kanay duel; Agamemnon and Desdemona try to stop Emma's plan.



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  • Diego loses the Kanay duel and becomes Mia's slave.
  • Desdemona and Agamemnon kidnap the Hex and summon Jax at Emma's house.
  • Daniel and Mia kiss.
  • Daniel finally remembers what happened afterward, is upset that he defended Mia and leaves her.
  • Jax steals the Crystal from Mia.
  • Emma turns Philip into a human.
  • Andi hugs Jax for bringing the crystal.
  • The T3 are preparing for their revenge prank on the H20.
  • Ursula agrees to adopt Philip, much to Maddie's dismay.
  • Lily helps Jax escape from Agamemnon.
  • Mia realizes the cristal is missing.


Maddie: Get her Proxy!
Sophie: Fireball, fireball, fireball!!
Diego (after Mia strikes Maddie): Hey! Leave her out of this!
Mia: It was an accident! Besides, that's what you get for bringing a cheering section.
Maddie (to Diego): I'm okay, I'm okay. (Mia strikes him and he tumbles to the ground)
Mia (holding a fireball): Just forfeit already!
Diego (on the ground): Never. You can do whatever you want to me but I will never give in to you.
Mia: UGH! (walks away) If there's nothing I can do to you, (turns around, points at Maddie) then I'll just have to do it to HER
Diego: NO, don't don't! (throws another fireball) Stay away from her! Maddie, Panthers go, GO! (Mia strikes him again with fire)
Emma: So, we have a plan?
Andi: As good a plan as we're going to get.
Jax: How do we know the cristal's going to work.
Emma: It amplified the invisibility spell, so it should work on other spells too.
Jax: And what about Mia?
Daniel (looking up, a bit defensive): What about her?
Jax: What if she comes for Emma while we're doing this? She'll be weak from the spell, and vulnerable.
Daniel: She won't; I'll talk to her.
Jax (sarcastically): Oh great, problem solved. Who can resist one of Daniel Miller's favorite talks?
Andi: Hey, he gives some pretty good pep talks at swim meets.
Jax (after being teleported to the school): Lily, did you transport me in here?
Agamemnon: No. Mr. Novoa; I did. (Jax turns, startled) let me guess, you brought the cristal?
Jax: How did you know where I was?
Agamemnon: Foolish boy. We know everything. Now, give me the cristal.
Jax: NO.
Lily: Leave him alone Aggie, and for pete's sake can you please clean this up? (points to the mess on her desk)
Agamemnon: Who's Pete? (Jax tries to tele-transport) You cannot transport out of here, Mr. Novoa. I'm blocking your powers. Now, give me the cristal, and you can be on your way.
Jax: No, I just need to use it for-
Agamemnon: Do not make me turn you into a worm. (As he lifts his hand, Hex protects Jax) Get away! (Jax takes out cristal) What are you doing?
Jax: Now we both can't use our powers. *laughs*
Agamemnon: Lily, do not let him out.
Jax (to Lily): I'll give it back as soon as I'm done, I promise.
Lily: You better. (she stands behind Agamemnon)
Agamemnon: You're fools, and your foolish behavior will have consequences. Now give me the cristal.

Jax: I can't, I'm sorry.

Lily (jumping on Agamemnon): Run Jax!

Agamemnon (struggling): What are you doing Lily?

Lily: I'm sorry Aggie, but you're wrong about this one.