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“The Final Countdown”
Season 4, Episode 9
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July 17, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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The Final Countdown is the 9th episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way.


Jax learns the truth about his family; Emma does everything she can to restore Daniel's memory in the few hours that he has left.



  • Jax and his mother reunite.
  • Jax informs his mother that Jessie is alright.
  • Liana is upset that Jessie met Jake.
  • Liana informs Jax that he looks like his father when he was younger.
  • Jessie reveals to Jake that Jax went to see Liana (off-screen).
  • Liana reveals that she didn't know about magic until after Jax was born, and that she didn't want to live a life with magic.
  • Jake erased Jax's memory of Jessie and why his mother left when he was younger.
  • Daniel tries many other last resort methods to restore his memories, but they fail.
  • Liana reveals that Ursula and her family have been helping her hide from Jake.
  • Liana tells Jax to protect Jessie.
  • Ursula receives a phone call saying that Jake is on his way.
  • Jake arrives at Liana's home, but finds both her and Jax are gone.
  • Jessie tries casting a spell, but fails.
  • Daniel tells Maddie and Diego they can be together.
  • Emma keeps trying to find a spell that will help Daniel but can't find one.
  • Jax helped Daniel to teleported to Daniel's house in the Everglades so that Daniel see his family and Mia before disappearing.
  • Emma brings Daniel back to his old house to help regain his memories.
  • Jessie meets and steals the Hexoren in order to help her become a better witch.
  • Jax learns from Andi that Emma is at Daniel's house.
  • Emma reveals to Daniel that he was her first love.
  • Daniel kisses Emma, while Jax watches and becomes heartbroken. Emma backs away from the kiss and says to Daniel she is with Jax.
  • Emma learns that Jax saw the event between her and Daniel, but before they can talk he teleports away, hurt.
  • The Continuum Break ends thus restoring Daniel's real life.
  • Billy disappears since he is not from Daniel's real life.
  • Daniel regains all his memories including that Emma chose Jax over him.
  • Gigi was absent in this episode.
  • The T3 returned (minus Melanie) and pranked Jax with a hose.


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Liana: How did you find me?
Jax: My sister. The one I had no idea about until now. She gave me you address.
Liana (relieved): Jessie! She's alright? You've seen her? I've been worried sick!
Jax: Yeah, she's fine. She's staying with us.
Liana: Thank heaven. I've been looking everywhere for her. Has she met her father?
Jax: Dad? Yeah, she has.
Liana: Oh no. I was afraid of that. Jake, he-look, I know he's your dad, but by now I'm sure you can see his flaws.
Jax: Okay, well I guess it's time for me to ask you some questions. This whole time I thought you were dead, and then all of a sudden, you're alive and-and I have this sister I never even knew about. How? Why?
Liana: Your father must've erased your memory after I left.
Jax (upset): What? How? Why?!
Liana: I'm sure he was very angry.
Jax: I just don't understand why you left.
Liana: When I first met your father, he was so handsome and charming, it was love at first sight. He swept me off my feet. You know you look just like him. *Jax smiles*
Andi: This one time, I saw a magician hypnotize people, to the point that they thought they were chickens.
Sophie (in awe): Fun!
Daniel: I'll take the risk; let's do it.
Katie: Okay. (to Maddie) I'm gonna need one of these hypno-wheels.
Maddie: Done. *casts a spell to make one appear* VIOLA! (pronounced vi-o-la)
Andi: It's 'voilà.' (pronounced vwua-lah) Nevermind.
Andi (to Emma): Haven't you already read Hexie from cover to cover?
Emma: Some of the spells are really subtle; you have to really think about them, like brain teasers, or word problems. They can be kind of fun in that way, but-
Andi (cutting her off): Alert-alert. Nerd approaching, nerd approaching.
Emma: I just hoping something will suddenly make sense.
Katie (rushing over): Hey, Emma, I've been doing some research and one of the things scientists say is that the key to memory recovery is being in a relaxed state.
Emma: Is that's true, then we've been going about this all wrong!
Andi: I don't know, I mean what's more relaxing than telling someone he's going to disappear forever if he doesn't remember you in *checks time* and hour and forty five minutes.
Emma: Quick, we gotta get Daniel to relax. What's relaxing?
Katie: Music?
Emma: Yes! *runs over to Sebastian* Can I borrow this?

Sebastian: Uh, sure.

Emma Thanks! *runs back to the table* What else?

Andi: How about something to drink? Warm milk.
Emma: Right! *calls* Diego! Warm milk. Anything else?
Katie: How about a massage? Does anyone know shiatsu?
Sophie (brightly): I do! Happy to help!
Emma (in a hurry): Great! let's do this now.
Daniel: Emma, you don't have to do this.
Emma (urging): But there's still a minute left, we can't give up.
Daniel: Calm down, it's over. if this is gonna be my last minute on earth, I don't want to spend it watching you clean out a garage. I know you feel bad, but you shouldn't. I don't see somebody who did something bad to me, I see someone who did everything she could to help me.
Emma (sadly): It wasn't enough.
Daniel: Maybe not, but we must've been pretty good friends for you to fight so hard to try to save me. I really wish I did know you; you're a great person.


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