You kissed Jax?!

“The Emma Squad”
Season 2, Episode 12
Air Date

July 23, 2014

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

Episode Guide

Double Trouble



The Emma Squad is the 12th episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma's cloning spell is making her social life go haywire; Maddie asks Lily to help her strengthen her powers.



  • Diego was absent for this episode.
  • Emma's clones are out of control and multiplying by the minute.
  • Andi realizes Emma made clones after she leaves one with her to play video games with.
  • Jax refuses to give Emma the reversal spell and says that her clone is way better than her.
  • This is the second appearance of Evil Emma.
  • Maddie finds out that Lily is part of The Witches' Council.
  • Emma's clones follow her to school.
  • Gigi saw Evil Emma and Maddie casting spells.


The image gallery for The Emma Squad may be viewed here.


Andi (showing up at Emma's house): How could you?!
Emma: I can explain!
Andi: He's a slimy, weasely wizard who lies, cheats, steals-
Emma: Whoa whoa. Who?
Andi: Jax, who I just saw you kissing.
Emma (shocked): No, I wasn't!
Andi: Yes you were, at the Seven. it looked like you two were on a date.
Emma: It wasn't me. I was on a date with Daniel; it's our anniversary. (Emma shows her a picture on her phone) See, the T3 dumped Jell-O on Daniel as an anniversary present.
Andi (amused): They give the best presents. Wait a minute, I swear it was you. At least it looked a lot like the back of your head.
Emma: Didn't your mom say that you were supposed to start wearing glasses?
Andi: Well yeah, but a future guardian in training can't wear glasses.
Maddie and Andi (simultaneously): You're so bossy! No, you're so bossy. Tell me why you're here!
Katie: Stop the madness! We're here because we have a magic question for Nurse Lily.
Andi: Nurse Lily? Oh, you know she left. She's part of the Witches' Council now.
Maddie: Wait, Emma's guardian is now on the Witches Council? That's so unfair!
Andi: Unfair is you having a smoothie maker in your locker.
Andi (to Emma): Now let's get rid of all these Emmas.
Bad Emma: You can't do that.
Andi (to Bad Emma): Yeah, and who's gonna stop her?
Bad Emma: Me, and the rest of us. (to the other clones) Right, guys?
Lazy Emma: Ehh, I could go either way.
Nerdy Emma: Will I not get to see Daniel anymore?
Hippie Emma: Chill everyone, just go with the flow.


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