Okay, now Romeo fights Tybalt, to the death.
~ Desdemona giving stage directions to Daniel and Jax

“The Breakup”
Season 2, Episode 14
Air Date

July 25, 2014

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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Emma Wants a Cracker

The Breakup is the 14th episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.


Desdemona makes Gigi her minion; tensions are high between Daniel and Emma following their split; the T3 decide to prank Emma, who turns herself into a bird. Jax and Daniel fought with bread and salami for the play scene but end up making a real battle for Emma's love.



  • This is the first time the T3 prank Emma.
  • Jax and Daniel were fighting for Emma.
  • Emma, Jax, Maddie, and Diego "volunteer" to help with the school play.
  • Maddie and Jax get into a magic fight.
  • Jax finds out that Diego is a Kanay and Diego finds out that Jax is a wizard.
  • Ursula is absent in this episode.
  • Emma is still heartbroken about her breakup with Daniel.
  • Gigi becomes Dedemona's minion.
  • Katie and Sophie help Maddie practice her spells so she can get revenge on those who 'did her wrong'
  • Andi cheers up Emma by dancing badly.
  • Desdemona scares Emma by telling her she will experience physical changes if she doesn't get back together with Daniel.
  • The T3 add Jax to the prank list.


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Andi: That's it. We are going out, now! I'm not gonna let you rot in this pizza-filled dungeon. (Andi gets her out of bed.)
Emma: I guess I should get out. I've just been- (she pauses, not able to finish)
Andi: I know, and it's probably been harder for you with your condition. But you gotta keep living!
Emma: Thanks Andi. (they hug)
Andi (pulling away): Ugh, but you gotta shower first.
Emma: Okay, be right back.
Andi: And please brush your teeth like two or three times. (Andi pushes her to the bathroom)
Melanie (slightly scared): You won't believe what just happened. I saw Emma, in the hallway. (Robbie put a hand to his face, pretending to look shocked.)
Tommy (sarcastically): In the hallway?!
Robbie (playing along): How dare she! (he laughs with Tommy and they high five)
Melanie: Very funny. You know who she was with?
Tommy: Who's Andi for 300!
Melanie: No, she was with that new kid, Jax. (Robbie and Tommy's expressions change)
Robbie: That's it. I'm adding Jax to the prank list.


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