Who cares about fashion? The magic realm is at stake.

“The Abyss”
Season 2, Episode 23
Air Date

August 7, 2014

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Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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I'll Stop the World

The Abyss is the 22nd episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.


Evil Emma tries to ruin Emma and Daniel's friendship; Diego and The Panthers receive a message; Emma and Daniel explore the tunnels and realize that they need to complete several deadly tasks to reach the end. Andi makes a deal with Jax.




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Agamemnon (realizing it's Emma's clone): Emma, the clones! You!
E (Evil Emma): Yes. *mocking him* "Emma, the clones! Me!" That's why I like you Aggy; you get me.
Agamemnon: This is why the Council forbids cloning. You never know which part of a person will get amplified.
E (sarcastically): And which part would that be Aggy? My chattiness? My goody-goodyness? My inexplicable love of glitter?
Agamemnon: Your evil part!
E (laughing): Are you serious? *mocking him again* "Your evil part!"
Agamemnon: You cannot be allowed to roam freely, especially with the Last Light of the Fool Moon approaching.
E: Why? You think I might not try to stop Desdemona from destroying the realm?
Agamemnon: Well-
E: Don't be silly; of course, I'll stop her, *becomes serious* and then I'll destroy the realm myself.
Agamemon: You wouldn't dare. *sees her closing her eyes* What are you doing?
E: Oh, just imagining a dark, gray blob, of nothingness. *she raises her hand to cast a spell*
Agamemnon: Nothingness? NOOO! *gets sent to Limbo, and E laughs*
Ursula: SOS
Diego and the Panthers: S-O-S!
Ursula: Oh, I knew that. (reads paper) Lily, Ramona, and Agamemnon of the Witches Council (gasps) sent to Limbo by rebel Councilmember Desdemona. Aims to destroy Magic Realm at Last Light of Fool Moon. Send help, stat. (end of note) This is my chance! This is my chance to prove myself to all witch kind! I must save the magic realm from destruction.
Sophie: Wait, where are you going?
Ursula: Shopping, of course. I need the perfect Savior of the Magic Realm outfit.
Jax (after Andi caught his power bottle): You almost gave me a heart attack.
Andi: Oh please, I got reflexes like a cat. (hands it to him, and he has trouble opening it) You need some help?
Jax: No, I've got it.
Andi: Really, cause the vein popping out of your head says you don't got it. (she takes it)
Jax: What's the point of you trying if I can't get it open? (Andi opens it with ease) Yeah well, it's 'cause I loosened it for you.
Andi: Mmhmm (Jax takes it back and pours his powers out)