I did this. Changed someone's entire reality. I need to make things right.
~ Emma about Daniel's alternate life

“Stuck in a Storm”
Season 4, Episode 4
Air Date

July 9, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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Ever in the Everglades


A Tale of Two Lives

Stuck in a Storm is the 4th episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way.


Katie, Sophie and Gigi are lost in the Everglades as a big storm approaches.



  • Emma convinces Jax to stay.
  • Mia makes her first appearance in Season 4.
  • Mia for an unexplained reason, is revealed to have also been affected by the Continuum Break, which makes Emma the only one to remember both Daniel and Mia.
  • Mia is revealed to be the best guide at Daniel's animal sanctuary.
  • Mia and Daniel are revealed to be a couple, which upsets Emma.
  • Desdemona and Agamemnon arrive at the animal sanctuary and begin to collect evidence to use against Emma.
  • Lily and Andi try to convince Emma to let Daniel stay in the alternate life, but she refuses.
  • Emma appears to be jealous of Daniel and Mia's relationship.
  • Emma warns Jax and Andi that Mia is dangerous.
  • The group find and reunite with Katie, Sophie and Gigi.
  • Desdemona and Agememnon leave Lily and return back to Miami.
  • Everyone stays with Daniel's family until the storm ends.
  • Jax grows more jealous seeing Emma and Daniel together.
  • Emma begins to lose more of her real memories.
  • Andi reveals to Emma that she went in the game with her instead of Mia.
  • Andi tells Jax that he shouldn't be jealous of Emma and Daniel because she knows Emma is nuts for Jax.
  • Jax decides to surprise Emma as a way of showing his support and trust in her.
  • Diego finds another Kanay related object.
  • Daniel and Gigi witness Jax doing magic.
  • Maddie has a locator app on her phone for Katie and Sophie, and Diego.


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Katie (to Sophie, still stuck in the trap): Well?
Sophie: I recognize this kind of trap. Beau told me all about how he and his friends always try to avoid them.
Katie (hopeful): And did he tell you how to get out of one?
Sophie: Yes!
Katie (impatient): Well??
Sophie: Oh, yeah! Let me just see here. (observing the trap)
Gigi (to her phone after it dropped into a mud puddle): You'll be fine. I just have to wash the mud off of you and stick you in a bat of rice overnight. (hears the trap door open and close) What?!
Sophie (now in the trap with Katie): Well, at least I got it open!
Diego (to Andi): I still can't believe that you left them out in the swamp.
Andi: You know what, I told them to stay with the boat, and they, didn't listen. (to Jax) So, can we just, tele-transport to them and bring them back?
Jax: Not in this kind of weather, unless you want a toasted Maddie or Jax.
Andi (intrigued): Ooh!
Diego: What about a locator spell?
Jax: Still involves tele-transporting. But we could use a-
Jax & Andi: Map locating spell. I said it first, jinx!
Emma: Good idea, let's try it.
Emma: Good news. We know where they are.
Daniel: Really? (looking at the map) Nice. How do you know they're there? (they exchange looks)
Diego: Uh, Maddie found them on her phone, she has an app.
Maddie: Yeah. I use find my iPanther.
Andi (going along with it): Uh, yeah. They have a locations on all the Panthers.
Jax (adding on): And we got some signal from Katie's phone.
Emma (contributing): For just a second.
Daniel: Great. It'll save us a lot of time.
Jax (after Daniel left): Good save.
Maddie (to Jax): That wasn't a save. It's true.
Andi: What, are you serious? (snatches the phone) *chuckles* (to Diego) You know you're on here too right?
Diego (shrugging): Duh. (Jax gives him a funny look)
Gigi: Yeah, it's busted (hands her back the phone) You should get a better case.
Katie (sarcastically): Gee, thanks! I will.
Gigi: It's no use anyway. No of our phone have had signals since we got down here.
Sophie: Mine does.
Gigi & Katie: What?!
Katie: How??
Sophie: Government issue signal booster.
Gigi (suspicious): How do you get one of those?
Sophie: I can't say; sworn to secrecy.
Gigi: Well, hand it over! (Sophie complies)
Katie: There's no use anyway. No one else will be able to pick up our calls.
Gigi: No, but I can live blog from it!
Katie: No! Soph, get your phone back! (Sophie fights Gigi for her phone, which ends up being thrown into the grass and Gigi becomes trapped with them)
Daniel (seeing Jax soaking wet): Whoa, where'd you come from?
Jax (drying off his face with a towel): just went to put the top up on my car, my luxury convertible.
Daniel (being hospitable): You should change in the restroom. I'm sure there's clean towels in there
Jax: Actually, no, I like to air dry. The cold invigorates me.