You're a lot prettier in person.
~ Jax to Emma

Season 2, Episode 16
Air Date

July 29, 2014

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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Stormageddon is the 16th episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.

Summary Edit

A magical storm hits Miami; Jax and Emma are stuck at school together; Andi and Diego are trapped at the Seven; Daniel and Maddie shelter at Daniel's house.


Trivia Edit

  • The council knows that Jax and Emma have been using the cloning spell.
  • It's revealed that Jax also lost his mom and her name was Liana
  • Desdemona's plan backfires.
  • Ramona frees herself from limbo and lands in Los Angeles.
  • Daniel's middle name is revealed to be Horatio and is also a family name.
  • Emma tutored Daniel in Math.
  • Katie and Sophie were absent in this episode.
  • Daniel and Maddie share moments together.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Emma has mutual feelings for Jax.
  • Emma held Jax's hand when they were about to kiss, but they didn't.
  • Ursula is absent in this episode.
  • Maddie defended Emma for the first time.
  • Emma and Jax find some blueprints from the Eclipse from last year, and a guide to using the last light of the Fool Moon to destroy the realm.
  • Jax and Emma almost kissed in this episode.
  • The T3 almost launched Maddie into the storm.
  • Andi and Diego have a food fight at the Seven.


The image gallery for Stormageddon may be viewed here.


Maddie (shrieking): They were going to launch me into the tornado!
Daniel (untying her from the contraption): I'm sorry. You know the T3. They're either gonna end up, ruling the world, or, going to jail
Maddie: I'm pulling for jail.
Daniel: Yeah, so is half of Miami.
Diego: Here's your next, 13 pizzas.
Andi: Ooh thanks. (takes out a slice) So, what are we gonna do to pass the time? Peperoni toss? Soda wars?
Diego: No. I promised my parents I'd be responsible. No food fights of any kind.
Andi: Come on, you know you want to. (she throws a peperoni on his face)
Diego (inhaling heavily, and clearing his throat): If you'll excuse me, I have pizza boxes to fold.
Andi: Hey, how many boxes you got back there?
Diego: I don't know, hundred maybe. Why? (Andi only smiles with satisfaction)
Emma: Why would anyone want to destroy the magic realm?
Jax: Lots of reasons. My mom told me that the realm is divided into good witches and wizards like her, and bad witches and wizards, like my dad.
Emma: Oh.
Jax: She wanted me to be a good wizard.
Emma: You are.
Jax (disagreeing): But I take after my dad.
Emma: That's not true. What was she like?
Jax: She was (remembering, and smiles), she was funny. She used to do this bit where she pretended to be a beaver. (he does the imitation, which makes them both laugh)
Emma: You take after your mother more than you think.
Jax: Yeah, right.
Emma: You have your good moments, I've seen them. (they stare at each other)
Desdemona (watching them using a screen spell): No, this can't be happening.
Gigi: I know, and I can't blog about it!


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