The bubbles make it feel like there's a party in my mouth!
~ Agamemnon about the seltzer water

“Stop Emma”
Season 4, Episode 18
Air Date

July 28, 2015

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Charlotte Owen & Jeff Sayers


Clayton Boen

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Mommie Dearest

Stop Emma is the 18th episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma's friends decide that they must stop her for good; Jake has surprising information for Jax. Emma finds a way to retrieve her mom.



  • Emma isn't powerful enough after taking the council's powers away and Maddie's to bring back her mother.
    • Emma plans to take away Jake Novoa's powers to bring back her mother.
  • Jax and Emma discover something in the evil spell book.
    • The evil spell book says: "After being bested, the vanquished and disgraced are trapped in a place far worse than limbo, where they use their powers against each other in a never ending battle for control. The witches eternal struggle can end only when they are summoned by another witch who has the power to control them".
  • Emma decides to summon The Principal back to life.
  • The gang groups at The Seven to discuss what to do about Emma.
  • Jessie visits the gang at the seven wondering if it is a witch/wizard magical gathering
  • Andi tricks Jessie into shaking the Seltzer can that the gang is drinking and then it will activate its "bubble power".
  • Diego stops her in time by freezing her into ice.
  • Andi takes away the Seltzer can from frozen Jessie and tells Diego to unfreeze her, but when Diego tries to unfreeze Jessie it won't work.
  • Daniel visits Mia.
  • Daniel came to Mia to help unfreeze Jessie and to apologize for mentioning her parents
  • Jake is revealed to have sent Jax the text from "The Council".
  • Jake reveals Liana is a witch that comes from a coven of simple wizards & witches from the mid-west. She became coven leader at the age of 18 and more advanced than everyone else.
  • The gang decides to stage a "witchervention" (intervention) for Emma.
  • Diego finally unfreezes Jessie by setting off the sprinkler system.


The image gallery for Stop Emma may be viewed here.


Lily (to Andi, Daniel, Diego, and the Panthers): First, I want to thank you guys for all agreeing to meet up like this.
Andi: Yeah, and shout-out to Diego for letting us use the place.
Agamemnon (entering): Hello everyone.
Andi: You guys are late.
Desdemona (entering after him): Don't look at me. Someone doesn't know how to read a bus schedule.
Agamemnon: There's a reason why those from the realm aren't meant to take mass transit.
Lily (urging): Guys, this is serious! If Emma's allowed to turn back time who knows what will happen? I mean Daniel almost disappeared during the Continuum Break.
Andi: Yeah she's right. I mean, Diego, you might not meet Maddie. Aggy, Desdemona, might not be on the Council, and Maddie you might not-
Maddie (cutting her off): Be the most fashionable person at Iridium high?! We can't let that happen.
Andi: Whatever. Look, unless you guys wanna risk the possibility of having you lives turned upside down, or worse, Emma has to be stopped. *they all nod their heads, agreeing*
Jax: I can't find her anywhere.
Emma: Who?
Jax: Jessie. I heard her yell and now I can't find her in the house.
Emma: I'm sure she's fine. She probably just went for a walk or something. She's a young kid that's been cooped up here for days.
Jax: But what if she's not okay? She's alone and unprotected.
Jake: Your mother knew the realm was after her, and wanted to strip her powers, so she fled to Australia, a place where she was unknown. The Novoas have always been a powerful family and she knew together our children would wield tremendous power. Your mother planned all along to have children that would be powerful enough to overthrow the realm.
Jax: Wait wait wait, you were the one who was mad at her for wanting to take over the realm?
Jake: Of course! I couldn't let that happen.
Jax (standing up, upset): Small point. YOU were the one who tried to use ME to use my girlfriend to take over the realm!
Jake: I've had my problems with how the realm was run. But I only ever wished to make it stronger by leading it, not have it fall in the wrong hands to be destroyed. *pause* Mature witches are more powerful than even the most powerful wizards. She had Jessie, and she was buying her time until Jessie's powers would come back; I've been looking for her ever since.



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