You haven't guessed yet? I'm a kanay.
~ Mia to Daniel

“Spider No More”
Season 3, Episode 8
Spider No More
Air Date

January 14, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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Spider No More[1] is the 8th episode of Season 3, and of Every Witch Way.


Mia and Daniel wreak havoc in the school and plot against Emma; Maddie tries to convince Katie that Mia… is not her friend.



  • Daniel and Mia trick Emma into thinking he's back to normal.
  • Mia confesses she's a kanay in this episode.
  • Mia is shown to have been tracking down the Chosen One.
  • Katie doesn't want to hurt Maddie, even though she's mad at her.
  • Daniel teams up with Mia to take down Emma.
  • Jax tells Emma she might discover there are better guys out there for her, hinting at himself.
  • Andi tries to explain to Daniel he has a seal on his back, and Daniel states he doesn't want it off, and that he feels great, like myself for the first time.
  • Ursula doesn't seem to be happy that another Kanay is in Miami.
  • Emma, Andi, Jax, Maddie, Diego, and Sophie all meet at school for a breakfast meeting to figure out how to help Daniel and what to do about the new kanay.
  • Daniel puts Thousand Island Dressing in Emma's locker.
  • Mia keeps Maddie and Katie fighting.
  • Katie realizes Mia is a kanay after eavesdropping on Maddie, Emma, Andi, and Sophie's conversation in the bathroom.
  • Gigi was absent in this episode.


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Andi (seeing the spider): Man, Daniel's really taking this bad boy thing seriously.
Diego (looking at the seal through binoculars): Wait, that's not a tattoo.
Andi: What is it then?
Diego: It's a kanay marking.
Andi (shocked): Daniel's a kanay?!
Diego (facing her): No, he's been marked by a kanay.
Andi: Wait, but I thought you were the last kanay.
Diego: Me too. Do you know what this means?
Andi: What? (he laughs in awe) Look, would you quit the dramatic pause and just tell me!
Diego (elated): That I'm not alone! That there's more of us! I knew it, I knew it! I gotta go tell Maddie! (he takes off)
Andi (calling after him): We gotta take the marking-off.
Daniel (walking over to her): That practice, was exhausting!
Andi: You didn't even get in the pool!
Daniel: Yeah, I know but it was so tiring watching you guys swim so slowly.
Andi: Ok, that it! You-(stops herself)No, you know what? I'm just gonna hold on to that one for later, since you're not being yourself right now.
Maddie: I don't get it! Katie and I have been friends since we were babies!
Ursula: Her mom and I used to call you the Diaper Divas.
Maddie: How could she choose Mia over me?!
Ursula: Oh, I'm sure it's just a phase. Remember last year when she went all Dracula on us?
Maddie: She was goth, mom.
Ursula.: Oh, is that, different? (Diego walks in) Well, I guess now that I think about it, she didn't have fangs...
Diego: Hey Mrs. Van P! (Ursula gasps)Maddie.
Ursula (hiding behind Maddie): How did you get in here, how do you ALWAYS get in here?
Diego: Oh, Sophie let me in. She was hiding in the bushes and jumped out at me.
Maddie: She's guarding the door in case Katie tries to come over.
Diego: You guys are still fighting?
Maddie: Panthers don't fight! I'm just, not talking to her until she apologizes. By wearing, this to school for a week. (shows pink shirt that reads: Forgive Me Maddie, I was wrong)
Diego: Oh, why you'd bring another one? (unbuttons shirt) You could've just lent her mine. (They smile at each other)
Emma: Andi's done some research on Daniel's...change
Andi: Yes, now here you go (passing her drawing to Jax) Now if you look at page one, you'll see that-
Jax (scoffing): What's this drawing of? (passing it to Sophie)
Sophie: It's...a werewolf giving a furry octopus a piggy back ride.(passes it to Diego)
Andi: What? No, it's Daniel getting being attacked by a spider-
Diego (laughing): It looks like a spider on a chandelier!
Maddie (also laughing): (to Andi)Did you draw this? It's really bad.
Emma (snatching it from Maddie): Daniel's forehead isn't that big!
Jax: It looks like he's got seven arms.
Andi (taking it from Emma): Gimme that! Okay, you guys know nothing about art!