Emma Changing Lily Back

Emma casting a spell

Spell Casting is the basic ability of, witches and wizards, to cast spells, invoking some sort of magical effect such as accessing powers (Telekinesis, Transformation, Cloning, etc.) Mostly verbal, skilled witches have the knowledge to cast spells nonverbally. Some spells require an enormous amount of power such as the Time Manipulation spell and thus must be cast by either multiple witches at once, or a witch with borrowed powers from other witches. If a spell is cast in front of a mirror, the spell will reflect off of it and strike the caster instead, also if the witch/wizard casts a spell on a person and they are standing next to someone the spell may bounce off that person and hit the other. Every witch/wizard has a signature hand motion they use when casting spells and when casting, magical energy will usually be seen, signifying that the person is casting a spell.

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