Signature Gestures are moves that every Witch, Wizard, or Kanay use to cast a spell or use their powers.


Emma Alonso

Her signature gesture is waving her hand back and forth with a grabbing shape.

Maddie Van Pelt

Her signature gesture is moving her index finger in a circle then pointing it at her target.

Principal Torres

Her signature gesture was twisting her hand and making a fist then opening it to cast a spell.


Her signature gesture is putting her hand up in the air.

Ursula Van Pelt

Her signature gesture is twisting her hand around in a circle, similar to Maddie, and pointing it at her target

Liana Woods

She waves her hand in circles and then she points at her target to cast a spell. Similar to Jessie.

Jessie Novoa

Her signature gesture is waving her hands around in a circle while wiggling her fingers and she puts her thumb on her finger like Jax.


Jax Novoa

His signature gesture is waving his hand back then bringing it to the front then putting his index finger on his thumb.


His signature gesture is balling is hand up by his shoulder then releasing his magic.

Jake Novoa

His signature gesture is making a fist then releasing it.


Diego Rueda

Mia Black

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