Forget everything you thought you knew!
~ Season 4 Tagline

Season 4


Premiere Episode

A World Without You

Premiere Date

July 6, 2015

Finale Episode

A Girl's Sacrifice

Finale Date

July 30, 2015


Season 3


W.I.T.s Academy

Season 4 of Every Witch Way was announced on February 25, 2015[1] along with an spinoff, W.I.T.s Academy. This was the final season of the show.


Think you know Every Witch Way? Think again! After standing up to the Witches' Council, Emma is more powerful than ever before. She's taking charge as The Chosen One and pushing the limits. Friendships will be tested, enemies will be made and the Magic Realm will be changed forever. The stakes are higher than ever before-- get ready for a whole new level of drama in the final season of Every Witch Way!

Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  1. A World Without You
  2. Road Trippin'
  3. Ever In the Everglades
  4. Stuck in a Storm
  5. A Tale of Two Lives
  6. Twisted Sister
  7. Lunch at Lola's
  8. Monkey Face Emoji
  9. The Final Countdown
  10. Diego's Wipedown
  11. Diego's Wipedown
  12. Van Pelt Reunion
  13. Back to Square One
  14. Power in a Bottle
  15. What If?
  16. Forever Charmed
  17. Frenemies
  18. Stop Emma
  19. Mommie Dearest
  20. A Girl's Sacrifice

Appeared (By Episode)



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