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Rosa Forlan is Diego Forlans sister in Grachi. She has a "school-famous" blog and is the Latin counterpart of Miss Information from Every Witch Way.


Rosa is the leader of The Pink Gossips, a group which is known for their gossips going around the Escolarium. She is known as "Queen of Gossip", although she lost the title when Cussy cast a spell on her that will make her embarrassed when she spreads a piece of gossip.

She is the leader of The The Pink Gossips and its main member. As his little group suggests, it is the most gossipy school Escolarium and likes to write everything that finds here in his blog, the Blog of the The Pink Gossips. During the episode of "Living in the Past", Rosa discovers that Grachi has powers and makes it known to television, however Grachi portrays one back to the future and achieves reverse this.

Rosa is also an enemy of Matilda and tries to discover all the ridiculousness of this and write it into your blog, Your best friends are: Veronica carolina Lucia and which form their group.

She is the sister of Diego and Alejandra. With alejandra he gets along very well and they sometimes give each other advice. But Diego is different, they each other very much but also very strong fight and gossip Rosa especially when gossip is Matilda.

In the second season falls in love with William, the best friend of Diego, she realizes soon about to kiss but be saying it had task nuclear physics, then comes Alejandra and tells him she likes Guillermo and was about to kiss him. But after they are engaged in secret because they knew that Diego is very jealous of her sisters. Rosa was about to publish his relationship but Guillermo stopped and gave him to keep the secret longer return to teach a beautiful place that no one else knew that ended calling it their special place. But in chapter 41 Sebastian (become pork) carries Diego, Chema and Carlos where there are kissing, Diego was very upset because he said nothing and tells William that their friendship ended, but Rosa says she is his sister and can not be bothered with it. Diego was even more upset to learn that Alejandra already knew what Rosa and William. Diego and Guillermo chapters later reconciled