You don't know Emma like I do. She's amazing, and she'll be the best Chosen One the realm has ever had.
~ Daniel to Lily

“Rebel Emma”
Season 3, Episode 2
Air Date

January 6, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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Beachside 7


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Rebel Emma[1] is the 2nd episode of Season 3, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma is sent to boot camp as punishment for casting spells in public and also sees Jax there; the T3 are framed for a prank that they did not commit. Jax and Emma conquer their fears together. Sophie believes she replacing Emma as the Chosen One. Mia covers for Emma when she goes missing.



  • Desdemona sends Emma to Rebel's Boot Camp.
  • Mia helps out at the Beachside 7 when Emma goes M.I.A.
  • Emma gets sent to boot camp in this episode, and sees Jax.
  • Emma and Jax conquer their fears.
  • The T3 are banned from The Beachside 7 because of the H2O's prank.
  • Sophie believes she's replacing Emma as the Chosen One.
  • Andi is upset she couldn't go to Rebel's Boot Camp.
  • Diego throws Gigi's phone in the pool so she can help him take orders at the Beachside 7.
  • Mia sees Maddie cast a spell to clean up Sophie's mess.
  • Gigi creates a rumor that Sebastian is dating Heather B.
  • Jax lashes out at Agamemnon after he put Emma under the tire he was lifting.
  • Ursula gets pranked by the H20


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Sophie (hugging Lily): Nurse Lily!
Lily: Uh, hi Sophie. Nice to see you too.
Sophie: I'm ready for my training.
Lily: For what?
Sophie: To replace the Chosen One.
Lily: To what?! How much ocean water have you swallowed today Sophie?
Sophie: Only a gallon or so. I'm so excited to fill in for Emma as the Chosen One, and if I'm gonna do a good job I've got a lot to learn. I've been working on my spell casting move! Tell me what you think.(does bizarre dance and pose)
Lily: Um, keep working on it. Okay, I'm gonna, I'm just gonna go over here now.(leaving Sophie with Andi)
Andi: No, wait!
Diego: The busiest day of the summer, and both of my waitresses go missing.(the blender spills juice everywhere) No, stop! Help me! Great now I have to start over.
Daniel: And shower, you're covered in blueberries.
Maddie (giggling): He's Proxylicious!
Daniel (to Andi): Emma and I aren't that-
Andi (finishing his sentence): Nauseating? Worse.
Diego: Where's Emma? I can't handle all these orders by myself.
Daniel: I don't know. I came here to look for her for our lunch break.
Diego: Well, she disappeared.
Andi: That's weird.
Mia (walking in): Whoa, what happened here?
Andi : Oh, we got hit by a smooth-anado.
Daniel: Hey Mia, what are you doing here?
Mia: I came back to thank you. I brought you some cookies. Oatmeal!
Daniel: My favorite!
Mia: I know, I mean, mine too.