Mia fire stream
Name Pyrokinesis
Usage The ability to control and manipulate fire
User(s) Diego Rueda
Evil Desdemona
First Appeard Monkey Business II
Last Appeared Stop Emma
Pyrokinesis is the ability to control and manipulate fire. This ability was used by Diego Rueda who controls the Natural elements. It was also used by Evil Desdemona when she tried to attack Jax. She tried to hit him with a ball of fire but he ran away.  Mia as the second known kanay can also use this ability. During her fight with Andi, she could throw fireballs and she also "helped" Diego rescue Emma and Maddie when they are trapped in the janitor's closet by using heat to melt the frozen door, although she trapped them there in the first place. She also used this abiity during her fight with Andi and to destroy Katie's phone. Andi also briefly possessed this ability when she chewed on a gum-like substance that enabled her to breathe fire at Mia. Liana attacked jessie with this by setting the wall on fire. The Principal Used the to burn of the knob on lilys door



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