Principal Torres
The Principal
Full Name

Murgatroyd Farquhar (alias in 1975, revealed in Beach Ball)
Felicity Bumpermidge (alias in 1988, revealed in Beach Ball)


Ex-chosen one (by Agamemnon and Desdemona)



Resides In

Miami, Florida (Formerly)
Limbo (Currently)


Witch (Inactive)
Chosen One (Formerly)
Principal of Iridium High (Formerly)




Coach Julio (adopted son)




Emma Alonso (Enemy)
Andi Cruz (Enemy)
Lily (Enemy)
Maddie Van Pelt (Enemy)
Tony Myers (Enemy)
Daniel Miller (Enemy)
Mac Davis (Enemy)
Diego Rueda (Enemy)
Katie Rice (Enemy)
Sophie Johnson (Enemy)
Francisco Alonso (Acquaintance/Former Colleague)
Evil Emma (Friend)
Liana Woods (Friend)

Eye Color


Hair Color



1, 2 (Mentioned), 3 (Flashback), 4

First Seen


Last Seen

A Girl's Sacrifice

Portrayed By

Michele Verdi

Principal Torres (The Principal) is the true main antagonist in Season 1 of Every Witch Way. She is a former Chosen One and wanted to steal the Emma's powers at The Eclipse. She is the American counterpart of Madam Director.

The Principal, whose name has only been revealed to be Mrs. Torres, is an evil witch that wants to steal Emma's powers. The Witches' Council sent her into the human world as a punishment and she wants revenge. It is also seen that she is a former Chosen One herself. She wants to steal Emma's powers so that she may become the one and only Chosen One. She is also the adopted mother of Coach Julio. We don't know for sure if she was sent to limbo in the episode The Chosen One, after Maddie and Emma teamed up and defeated her, but we do know, that when she returned for the series finale, A Girl's Sacrifice, she was sent to limbo (possibly again).

Former Powers and Abilities


  • She is an evil witch who wants to steal Emma's powers.
  • She adopted Coach Julio.
  • She had powers before, but the council took some of the powers away.
  • Her star-shaped birthmark, which symbolizes she's a Chosen One, is on her neck.
  • She tends to turn people into frogs if she doesn't get her way or if they don't do want she wants.
  • She is the American counterpart of Madam Director.
  • Her magic is red lightning.
  • She lied to Julio when he asked if she's seen a Kanay before in I Said, Upside Down.
  • She hates The Sharks.
  • She is the reason why Mia Black hates Witches, because The Principal killed her parents.
  • She broke the Cristal de Caballero into three pieces and took one whilst Mia had the other two.
  • She was mentioned and seen in a short flashback in Season 3.
  • It was revealed in Forever Charmed that she would come back in the series finale, A Girl's Sacrifice, in Season 4.
  • Her signature gesture was twisting her hand and making a fist then opening it to cast a spell.
  • The Principal makes her Season 4 debut (only at the end - only a cameo) in Mommie Dearest.
  • The Principal has appeared, been mentioned, or been thought of in every season. In Season 2, she was mentioned by Emma, and in Season 3, she was in flashbacks. In Season 4, she was teleported from Limbo, but sent back later.
  • Emma said that if the realm says she can have her powers back, she will give them to her.
  • Her guardian was Leopold Archer. (Mentioned in W.I.T.s Academy).


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