Your mother is not who you think she is.

“Power in a Bottle”
Season 4, Episode 14
Air Date

July 23, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer & Charlotte Owen


Clayton Boen

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Power in a Bottle is the 14th episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way.


Jax discovers where Jake and Jessie are hiding; Emma continues to abuse her magic and strips the Council of their powers.



  • Sophie is absent in this episode.
  • Diego is seen but does not speak in this episode.
  • Lily states she is on Emma's side but sees that she has gone out of control.
  • The Council begin the spell to take away Emma's powers.
  • Emma casts a reflection spell that causes Agamemnon and Desdemona to lose their powers.
  • Emma now contains Desdemona and Agamemnon's powers.
  • Andi informs Jax of Emma taking the Council's powers.
  • Jax informs Emma that Jake and Jessie are gone.
  • Daniel asks Emma for progress on going back to his alternate life.
  • Agamemnon becomes a janitor.
  • Andi agrees that the Council should have taken Emma's powers temporary.
  • Jax discovers where Jessie is and takes her back to Miami.
  • Emma assures Andi she is only testing her powers.
  • Andi tries to get the Council to talk with Emma regarding the current situation and her behavior.
  • Mia meets Daniel and wants to know about their alternate life.
  • Jessie and Liana reunite.
  • Jax and Emma work together to help protect Liana and Jessie from Jake.
  • Jax, Jessie and Liana have dinner with Emma at the Seven.
  • Mia is revealed to attend her new school with her cousins.
  • Daniel reveals to Mia that her parents are alive in their alternate life.
  • Emma, Jax and Jessie find Ursula and Maddie held hostage.
  • Jake arrives at the Van Pelt house to take Jax and Jessie and tries to inform them that Liana is not who she appears to be.
  • Jax and Emma have a a battle with Jake.
  • Jax, Liana and Jessie return to live in their home.
  • Emma puts a protection spell on Jax's house so Jake can't get inside.
  • Emma causes trouble with the Council.
    • She ties Agamemnon shoes together.
    • She leviates Desdemona's food and lets it spill all over her.
    • She purposely bumps into Lily.
  • Emma tells Andi about her idea to go back in time and save her mother.


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Jax (juggling books, dropping one, and seeing Agamemnon as a janitor): Agamemnon? *Aggy looks at him, embarrassed and begins to walk away* Hey Aggy, your shoelaces are untied.
Agamemnon: I know; I'm still learning how to tie them. *reciting* The bunny going 'round the tree...It's just so complex! *whimpers and walks away*
Andi: Look, Em no one thinks having magic powers is cooler than I do, but, when you really get down to it, you don't need them. Not on a daily basis.
Emma: You didn't object when I used them to turn a certain video game zombie into a real boy.
Andi (upset): What? Don't bring Phillip into this!
Emma (realizing her mistake): I know, sorry. And I know lately with my magic I've been going a little-
Andi: Nutty? Over the top? to Crazy Town?
Emma: A little far! But I didn't ask to be the Chosen One. The realm gave me a lot of power and I need to know how to use it.
Andi (thinking about it): That is true.
Emma: If that means getting a little out of hand, isn't it better that I learn now then when it really matter?
Andi: So what your saying is, your just testing out the limits of your powers. Like, taking them on a test drive for 20 miles per hour.
Emma: Exactly.
Andi: But you're not gonna do anything crazy with them.

Emma (scoffing): Crazy? No.

Andi: Oh, ok. Well, just be careful then.

Emma: Of course.

Andi (scrunching up her face): That felt so weird just now. 'Be careful.' Who am I?
Emma (smiling): You're my best friend, who gets to eat all my fries.

Andi: No way! *grabs a bottle of power*

Emma: Stop! That's Desdemona's powers!
Andi (putting it down): Oh. Phew! I mean everybody knows Agamemnon taste better on potatoes. *Emma laughs*
Lily (teaching the Council how to tie their shoes): The bunny runs around the tree but, uh oh! He sees a dog and jumps into the hole!
Agamemnon (after not being able to do it): This is impossible.
Lily: Are you saying that humans can do something you can't?
Agamemnon (serious, eyeing the sneaker): I WILL CONQUER YOU.
Mia: So is Everglades Mia a kanay?
Daniel (walking over with chips and drinks): You know, I'm not really sure, if she-I mean, you are. I don't know about it. Maybe you are and you didn't even know about it yet. *hands her a drink*
Mia (checking the time on her phone): Wow, is that really what time it is? I have to get back to Vero.
Daniel (before she walks out): Do you like it up there?
Mia: The kids at school are okay but I don't have like a best friend or anything.
Daniel: And you live with your cousins, right?
Mia: Yeah. They're okay too but we're not like super tight. *pause* Who does Everglades Mia-Mia, live with?
Daniel: Your parents. Your dad was a veterinarian, he took care of all the injured animals. You know you learned most of your skills from him.
Mia (shocked): My dad? My parents? They're still alive?!
Daniel: Yeah, they're-*realizing what he said* Oh.
Mia: The last time I saw my parents was when I was seven, before they were taken out by witches. And in your-our-your life, you get to see him all the time?
Daniel: I'm really sorry; I didn't mean to upset you.
Mia (not knowing what to say): It's-this is-I gotta go. *she walks out, and Daniel seems upset*
Jax (to Emma, walking her out of his house): You were amazing tonight. I really appreciate everything you did.
Emma: YOU were amazing; you really took charge.
Jax (looking at her in awe): I couldn't of done it without you; you're one powerful witch.
Emma: I have been practicing; the Chosen one has to know her own powers, right?
Jax (intertwining hands with her): Well, it looks good on you.
Emma (smiling): Thanks, feels pretty good too. *they smile at each other*