Power Removal
Jax Loses His Powers
Jax loses his powers.


The ability to take away the powers of others.


Emma Alonso

First Appeared

About a Wizard

Last Appeared

A Girl's Sacrifice

Power Removal is the ability to remove the powers of another. In Every Witch Way, some witches and wizards take another's powers, however, Emma's powers are growing so strong that Agamemnon can't take her's away, as shown in Always You. The power can only be taken by a witch that is more powerful than their prey, for example Agamemnon can take the power of the people in boot camp away, because he is more powerful than them and more experienced. Desdemona took Jax's powers away in Defiance. Emma takes Desdemona's and Agamemnon's powers away in Power in a Bottle. Emma also takes Maddie's powers in Frenemies. Emma also takes The Principal's and Evil Emma's in A Girl's Sacrifice.



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