Jemma's even more nauseating than Demma.
~ Andi

“No More Mr. Nice Guy”
Season 3, Episode 7
Air Date

January 13, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer & Gloria Shen


Clayton Boen

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Daniel Darko


Spider No More

No More Mr. Nice Guy[1] is the 7th episode of Season 3, and of Every Witch Way.


Daniel continues to act strangely; Jax thinks that he has lost his powers; Mia schemes to become Katie's best friend.


Daniel still continues to act strange and Emma and Andi need Jax's help to see if Daniel's under some spell. Emma, Andi, and Jax peek on Daniel, Agamemnon and Desdemona show up and take away Jax's powers without him knowing and then they leave. Meanwhile, Maddie accuse Mia for stealing Daniel away from Emma, but Mia tells her she didn't, to teach Maddie a lesson, Mia freezes the inside of her locker and when Maddie shows up later, her whole locker is filled with water and her heels are wet, Diego tries to help and accidentally heats the heals to long, Maddie blames everything on Katie, because Maddie trust Katie to close her locker, which Katie did. Daniel tells Mia that Emma, Maddie, and Jax are witches, and Mia pretends to not know about it, before Daniel could say anything else, Andi tries to stall by interrupting. Mia tries to befriends with Katie by joining in on her activities. Jax meets Lily in her office, so she can see if Jax has been using his powers or not. Jax gets help from Emma since he doesn't have his powers. At the end off the episode when Daniel takes off his shirt, Diego and Andi sees the spider mark on Daniel's back, Diego says it's a Kanay mark, but Andi says that he is the only Kanay, leaving both of them shocked to find out if there is another Kanay in the school.



  • Diego and Andi find out that Daniel is marked by a kanay.
  • Mia goes along to the LARPing convention with Katie.
  • It is revealed that if a kanay tries to use heat over another kanay's elemental control (water), it will turn to rocks.
  • The popular pairing names Jemma and Demma were mentioned in this episode.
  • Andi referred to Daniel as the last episode title, Daniel Darko, which is also a play on the movie, Donnie Darko.
  • Desdemona cannot remove Emma's powers and took Jax's by mistake.
  • Jax accidentally turned Andi into a turtle and Desdemona turned her back to normal.
  • Daniel misses the swim meet that desqualifies them for regionals.


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Diego (calling Daniel) : Daniel, it's Diego, again. Where are you man, we're about to be disqualified. (hangs up) Great. Now we're starting the season, at the bottom.
Andi (freaking out): I can't take this! (walks to Gigi)
Jax: That's it, the race started. We're out. (he and Diego get up from the bleachers) Hey, where's Andi?
Diego (spots her): Whoa, she's giving Gigi and interview? The pain of losing must be really clouding her judgment.
Gigi: So Andi, do you have any idea where Daniel is? It looks like the Sharks are gonna lose without their best and cutest swimmer.
Andi (grabbing the mic): Yeah looks like it. You know, I have never lost a regional qualifying meet before. It is rough-
Gigi (taking it back): I'm sure it is! But seriously, do you know where Daniel is?
Andi: NO! (stealing it again) Daniel, if you are out there, watching this, you better run, and you better hide, because I have a nuclear, atomic, sumo-sized wedgie, waiting for you WITH YOUR NAME ON IT!!
Daniel: You haven't noticed yet?
Mia (playing dumb): Noticed what?
Daniel: All the witches walking around! (Andi, eavesdropping and shocked Daniel told her)
Mia: Witches? Like, mean girls?
Daniel: No, witches. Emma and Maddie are real witches, real life spell-casting, trouble-brewing witches! (Andi falls out of her chair and lands on their table)
Daniel: Andi, what are you doing?
Andi: Um, I was, I was just stretching, yep but, went a little too far, yeah, not as limber as I thought.
Mia: Uh, are you okay?
Andi: Yeah, yeah I'm okay. Just a little, knee dislocation but I'll just, pop it right back in. Anyway, I couldn't help but, you know, overhear this little conversation about Hugo's Haunted Hoggle, yeah (to Daniel) your favorite video game.
Daniel: What? No I wasn't and no, it isn't; (to Mia) that game stinks.
Andi (laughs): Ok, yeah. You're just saying that because uh, my mummy TP'ed your, headless pirate.
Daniel: Yeah, you wish. But no, I was actually telling me here about witches. You know, Emma, Maddie, Nurse-
Andi (cutting him off and covering his mouth): Oh, oh my gosh! Yeah, yeah, you know what, you what's going on? (to Mia) He has a virtual reality-itis.
Mia (playing along): What's that?
Andi: Well, it's when your video game life bleeds into your real life and, you can't tell the difference! You know what, it's a real epidemic.