Aww, poor Jaxy Waxy.
~ Emma to Jax

“No Can Do”
Season 2, Episode 7
Air Date

July 15, 2014

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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Daniel Who?


Werewolves in Siberia

No Can Do is the 7th episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma has trouble controlling her powers during the Fool Moon; Jax shows his softer side; Diego discovers a new power; The Panthers suspect that Maddie is starting to like Diego.



  • Emma turns the T3 into hamsters while babysitting them.
  • Diego learns a new power, which is being able to fuse/blend into objects.
  • Maddie may like Diego back in this episode.
  • Emma's powers are hard to control during the fool moon, as she has lost the filter between thinking and acting.
  • She puts Jax in a straitjacket after he plays a trick on her.
  • Maddie begins to believe Emma has her powers.
  • Andi switches her locker back with Jax's.
  • After Sophie pushed her, Emma made her hair go up, literally.
  • Emma goes to Desdemona for help on how to control her powers.
  • Ramona tries to tell Desdemona to let her go
  • Andi and Jax help her find the T3.
  • Ursula reluctantly uses a spell to separate the sofa from Diego's hand.
  • Gigi vows to find out what's up with Daniel.
  • The title of this episode is actually Emma's reply to Jax after she puts him in a straitjacket and he demands she gets him out of it.
  • Emma wears the same shirt she wore last season in I'm a Witch.


The image gallery for No Can Do may be viewed here.


Emma (gasping): Jax! (he laughs) I told you NOT to appear in my house like that! And get your feet of my collage! Have a little respect!
Jax (with his hands up): Sorry. Whoa, that's a, that's a lot of pictures of Daniel. (she snatches them from him)
Maddie: There's no other explanation. Emma must of cast a "love spell", therefore she got her powers back.
Katie: I'm not saying she doesn't have her powers back, but why would she use them to cast a love spell on your mom and her dad?
Sophie: To be Maddie's sister and share her shoes of course! It's the American dream.
Maddie: Aww Soph, that's so sweet! And for that, you get to brush my hair.
Sophie: Ooh yay! (eagerly takes brush and begins brushing her hair)
Katie: All I'm saying is that we don't know if Emma has her powers back.
Maddie: We need to find out. it wouldn't be fair for her to have her powers while I don't have mine. (gasps) We need Proxy, he can help us figure this out. (Sophie stops brushing Maddie's hair)
Katie: What? Diego? NO!
Sophie: He doesn't even know how to brush your hair properly! He made it all tangled last time.
Katie: Wait, I'm starting to think you like him and want him around.
Maddie (denying it): NO!! Don't you see? I need him to get me my powers back. If Emma has powers, they're probably mine and-
Katie: Or hers came back which would makes more sense- (Maddie gives Katie a look) You're right she might have your powers. But how are going to find out?
Maddie: Easy. We need to "push" Emma to cast a spell.
Sophie: Push. Got it. (smirks)
Emma (to Andi): They're on the way home. I'm done for. Daniel's gonna find out that I turned his siblings into hamsters.
Andi (adding): And lost them.
Emma: I don't have to worry about the Council forcing me to break up with him; he's gonna break up with me.
Andi: Now you don't have to give up your powers anymore! See, silver lining! (Emma gives her a incredulous look)
Jax: I got one!
Andi: Two down, one to go!
Emma (pointing to the third hamster): There! (Jax gets the last one)
Andi: Okay great, now change them back.
Emma (to Jax): Maybe you should do it.
Jax and Andi (simultaneously): J-Me? A-Him?
Emma: What if I think the wrong thing and turn them into something else? Something...worse.
Andi: Emma you can do this.
Jax (putting the T3 in the shoebox): Just focus on turning them back into humans. If any other thoughts creep in, just imagine you're a boxer, and punch 'em out of your brain. (Emma smiles at the suggestion)
Andi (after seeing the council tele-transport in): Whoa, don't you guys knock?
Agamemnon: Why is the short human here again?
Desdemona (to Agamemnon): She's the Chosen One's sidekick.
Andi: Wha-who you calling a sidekick? But um, yeah.
Emma: Why are you here?
Lily: Well, we just wanted to see how you were coping with the Fool Moon. It can affect the Chosen One more than others.
Emma: And you wanted to see if I've decided to break up with Daniel.
Lily: Well only if you have to. If, hypothetically, he gets amnesia, doesn't remember you-
Emma: He does. He remembers everything. And so do I. I remember who helped me and who didn't when Daniel got amnesia. Hypothetically.
Agamemnon (aside to Desdemona): Are they talking in some type of code?
Emma: No, I haven't decided. But I do want to say that I think that this is totally unfair. Things should be fair. Maybe that's something witches don't value, but humans do.
Andi (backing her up): Yeah, we do.


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