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Nick Merico
Birth Name Nick Merico
Date of Birth December 29,1995 (age 18)
Place of Birth Argentina
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blackish/Brownish
Occupation(s) Singer,Dancer,Actor,Musican

Nick Merico plays Daniel Miller in Every Witch Way.

Nick Merico

Nick was born in Argentina on December 29, 1995. He currently resides in Miami, Florida. Nick started performing at the age of 11 at various venues in Argentina. He has since been touring in schools and performing in other venues.


At the Age of 11, Nick started an YouTube account of him singing. Ever since then he has been posting videos of him singing. His first cover was Grenade by Bruno Mars. His lastest cover has been All Of Me by John Legend and Nick had just released his new song "If You Were My Girl".


  • Instagram- @Nick Merico
  • Twitter- @Nick Merico
  • Facebook- Nick Merico
  • He has the same birthday as Ross Lynch, a Disney actor who stars in Austin & Ally.


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