Jax, Mom is alive.

“Monkey Face Emoji”
Season 4, Episode 8
Air Date

July 15, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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The Final Countdown

Monkey Face Emoji is the 8th episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way.


Daniel believes that Maddie is his girlfriend; Jax searches for information about his mother.



  • Jessie reveals to Jax that their mother is alive.
  • Emma tells everyone they have to let Daniel think he is still dating Maddie in order to help restore his memories.
  • Maddie reveals there is a spell that can help restore memories.
  • Diego is unhappy that Daniel is dating Maddie.
  • Maddie wants to do something special for Diego.
  • Gigi sees Maddie doing magic again.
  • Maddie erases Gigi's memories again.
  • Emma restores Andi and Diego's memories of Daniel.
  • Jessie spends time with Emma.
  • Diego and Andi help restore Daniel memories.
  • Emma, Andi and Diego begin to recreate Daniel's memories.
  • Jessie begins avoiding Jax.
  • Jessie takes Jax's phone and sends an "emergancy" message to Emma.
  • Emma meets Jax and Jessie's father, Jake.
  • Jax realizes that Jessie sent Emma the fake message.
  • Daniel realizes that Diego has feelings for Maddie.
  • Jessie reveals that she lied about the foster home and has really been living with their mother.
  • Jake turned himself into a mouse and overheard Jax and Jessie's talk.
  • Gigi begins acting weird since Maddie erased her memories again.
  • Diego grows more jealous seeing Maddie and Daniel together.
  • Jax reveals to Jessie he plans to meet their mother.
  • Jessie reveals their mother lives in Hollywood, Florida.
  • Maddie doesn't want to "date" Daniel anymore, but Emma persuades her.
  • Diego learns that Maddie erased Gigi's memories again.
  • Jax arrives at his mother's home and sees her and Ursula together.
  • The episode title was said by Jessie describing what she sent in the text when Emma was upset about her using Jax's phone.


The image gallery for Monkey Face Emoji may be viewed here.


Jax: *yells when he sees Jessie* (whispering) What were you doing in dad's bathroom?
Jessie (also whispering): Not cutting my bangs with his nail scissors. What are you doing in his dresser?
Jax (stuttering): Dad ask me to check if his drawers were sliding properly.
Jessie (not buying it): Uh huh. Not looking for anything about me?
Jax (in denial): Definitely not.
Jessie (raising her voice): Then why are we whispering?
Jax: Um....
Jessie: So you want me to be lookout while you snoop around! Okay, we'll need a signal in case dad comes. How about *makes hawk noise*
Jax (irritated): What is it gonna take for you to leave me alone. Is it more presents? Is that what it'll take? How about a puppy?
Jessie: No, I don't-wait, a real puppy?! *Jax cast a spell to make a puppy appear* Aww he's so-no. I don't want anymore presents Jax; I want a brother.
Jax (taking the puppy from her): Well, you've only been around for a couple of days and I'm already getting the sense that Daddy's little girl isn't exactly on Team Jax.
Jessie: Why does there need to be teams? We're a family.
Jax (mockingly): Oh, the Novoas. One big happy family, just the three of us. Right.
Andi: Any progress with Maddie's spell?
Emma: Some, but there's a chance it could get messed up and I'd have no time to fix it.
Diego (walking up to them): I just helped Daniel plan a romantic date with my girlfriend, to maybe help him with his memory so that he doesn't disappear.
Andi: Man, we have officially entered 'telanovela territory'. *camera zooms in on her face*
Jessie: So, how do you become the Chosen One? Is there an application? A contest? Ooh is it a tryout? I'm so down with tryouts.
Emma: Jessie, look, I only have a few minutes, so-
Jessie (cuts her off): Okay, so I've been working on this super sweet signature move. Wanna see? *knocks into an employee and he drops a tray* Oops, my bad. How was that though?
Emma: Um, pretty good. *whispering* But, a lot of times you want to cast spells quickly so maybe try something less....acrobatic.
Jessie: Less acrobatic. Maybe like *shows her another move*
Emma: Keep working on it. It may be a while before you get your powers. In the meantime, if there's ever anything you need to know, just ask.
Jessie: Thanks Emma, I will.
Emma (walking into the 7): Did I miss anything?
Katie: From the sounds of it, only the most awkward date ever.
Diego: What is wrong with me, I'm not the jealous type. I had to offer a couple's special today.
Maddie: Proxy, it's not your fault. I should've never agreed to this. I'm calling this off.
Emma: No, you can't! I have to be the one to break you two up. We have the recreate the events as closely as closely to how it actually happened.
Maddie: I can't stay in this fake relationship any longer!
Emma: You don't get it. If we alter his timeline he might never remember me.
Diego: And, he could disappear.
Emma: Right.
Maddie: This is such a nightmare. If it wasn't so dangerous to do it to myself, I'd memory wipe my own mind and forget this whole thing.



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