Well, you suspect I am so yes, yes I am.
~ Liana to Jax and Jessie about being a witch

“Mommie Dearest”
Season 4, Episode 19
Air Date

July 29, 2015

Production code



Charlotte Owen


Clayton Boen

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Stop Emma


A Girl's Sacrifice

Mommie Dearest is the 19th episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way; this is the penultimate episode of Every Witch Way.


The group stages a "witchervention"' for Emma; Jax finally learns the truth about his family.



  • Mommie Dearest is the penultimate episode of Every Witch Way.
  • Jax realizes Liana is the one who is lying.
  • Liana interupts Jax and Jessie's conversation hearing them talk about her being a witch.
  • Liana confesses to Jessie and Jax that she's a witch.
  • Liana casts a spell in front of Jax and Jessie to prove to them that she's a witch
  • Liana's spell color is dark green.
  • It is revealed that Jessie has a 100% chance of being a witch.
  • Everyone stages a "witchervention" for Emma.
  • Emma almost casts a spell to stop her friends from interfering with her plans but Andi stops her telling her what ever she is going to do will she live with it for the rest of her life.
  • Liana turns out to be evil and wants to rule the realm with her family as the powerful family of the realm.
  • Liana freezes Jax into a statue like position with her powers.
  • Emma cries in this episode as Andi reminds her that even if she does succed in bringing her mother back, she will still get sick and Emma and her father will have to go through losing her all over again.
  • Jessie activates the witch security system and traps Liana.
  • Liana is able to break free of the prison wall.
  • Andi visits Emma at her house and freaks out when Emma tells her that she is bringing back the Principal.
  • Emma casts a spell on Andi to prevent her from getting up; Andi is glued to one of Emma's main room chair.
  • Emma brings back the Principal and her shadow.
  • The Principal attempts to cast a spell on Emma but Emma casts a hand wall so the principal can not move her hand.


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Jax: Somebody's not telling the truth; I just don't know which one it is.
Jessie: I don't know. *thinks about it* I do know! We get them in a room together and ask them both face-to-face
Jax: In a room together? Face-to-face? Brilliant!
Jessie (flattered): No. Gifted, yes, but brilliant, okay probably.
Jax: Not you, me.
Jessie: Okay, let's see that report card big talker!
Jax: What has any of this got to do with Emma?
Liana: Her days as the Chosen One are numbered. Once she's gone, they'll be a vacuum at the center of the realm. Control of it will go to the strongest family; that will be us.
Jax (a bit angered): What do you mean her days are numbered? What are you planning, this is my girlfriend we're talking about!
Jessie (adding): And my friend-friend.
Liana: She's doing most of it all by herself and soon it will be done. I only need to know if you're on board.
Jax: But I care about Emma; I can't just abandon her mom!
Liana: She is too dangerous Jax. She'll destroy herself and everyone around her, which means you and your family. We can rules as a family; a lot will rest on your shoulders Jax especially until Jessie gets her powers.
Andi (stopping Emma from leaving): Wait, there's one more person left.
Emma: Go ahead.
Andi: Emma, I've thought a lot about this, and I get it; I get why you wanna bring your mom back. And nothing any of us say can change that feeling inside you.
Emma: Finally, you get it!
Andi: But, let's say you succeed, and you don't destroy the world, or yourself. What happens next?
Emma: I'll have a mom again. Like you do *to everyone, raising her voice* Like you all do.
Andi (gently): For how long? She's still gonna get sick, and and you and your dad are gonna have to go through it all over again. Your mom's gonna have go through it again too. Is it really worth it?
Emma (crying): Um, I don't know.
Daniel (walking in): Sorry I'm late.
Andi: Where have you been?
Daniel: I was thinking-did I miss it?
Diego (pointing to the table): They're still some danishes left.
Andi: So, Emma, do you know what you're gonna do.
Emma: I thought I did but now I'm not so sure. You've given me something to think about.



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