Memory Wiping Spell


The ability to wipe people's memory


Jax Novoa
Emma Alonso
Maddie Van Pelt
Jake Novoa

First Appeared

Daniel Who?

Last Appeared

A Girl's Sacrifice

The Memory Wiping Spell is a spell that allows you to wipe other people's memory.  It was first introduced in Season 2 in the episode, Daniel Who?, after Daniel accidentally sees Emma cast a spell, Jax and Emma wipe his memory clean to where he doesn't even remember his name. Maddie cast the spell on Gigi to wipe her memory clean after seeing her cast a spell. 


  • I can't decide what to do and this might be mean, but to buy me some time, and make his memory clean!
  • All this knowledge will cause a terrible scene, wipe Gigi's memory clean.
  • With this memory wipe she'll forget our powers, now forget what she saw in the last 24 hours!
  • This won't take all my power, just forget the last half hour!
  • I hate to lie to proxy but I'm in a bit of a bind, so make things how they were, and again, wipe Gigi's mind.



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