Maria Alonso
Maria Alonso
Full Name

Maria Castillo Alonso



Resides In

Miami, Florida


Mother (Formerly)
Witch (Formerly)


Iridium High (Possibly)


Emma Alonso (Daughter)


Francisco Alonso (Ex-Husband)


Desdemona (Good Friend) Agamemnon (Possible Friend)
Ramona (Possible Friend)
Lily (Good Friend)
Evil Desdemona (Enemy)

Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Brown


1 (Photo), 2 and 4 (Mentioned)

First Seen

Mac-sic-cle (Photo)

Last Seen

A Girl's Sacrifice (Mentioned)

Portrayed By

Tamia Cerrate

Maria Alonso, formerly Maria Castillo, was the mother of Emma Alonso and the wife of Francisco Alonso. She gave up her powers to be with him. She somehow got a hold of the HexorenDesdemona mentioned her in The Fool Moon as being good friends and how Maria helped her during a tough Fool Moon 20 years ago. It seemed that she cared about her daughter Emma a lot. She died when Emma was 3 years old when she died from long time sickness.


  • She had the Hexoren (before Emma found it).
  • She gave up her powers in order to marry Francisco, who is a human.
  • Emma starts to miss her when she meets Liana, Jax's mother, and considers going back in time to prevent her death in Season 4.
  • She was a witch.
  • She was married to Francisco.
  • Maria is the American Counterpart of Grachi"s Mother, Maria "Maggie" Alonso.
  • Emma had a photo frame of her in her bedroom in Season 1.
  • She didn't have a flashback like Mia"s father or Jax's mother did.
  • In 1 Season 1  it was revealed she was a reader and had a lot of books.
  • Her first appearance only in photography inside of Emma's bedroom.
  • She is Portrayed by Tamia Cerrate 
  • She seen her Family's Scrapbook in Van pelt Reunion

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