Emma Alonso/Andi Cruz (Emandi)

Emma Alonso/Nurse Lily (Emily)

Daniel Miller/Emma Alonso (Demma)

Maddie Van Pelt/Daniel Miller (Madiel)

Maddie Van Pelt/Emma Alonso (Mademma)

Tony Myers/Andi Cruz (Tandi)

Maddie Van Pelt/Diego Rueda (Miego)

Jax Novoa/Emma Alonso (Jemma)

Jax Novoa/E (Bad Emma - clone) (Jae)

Emma Aonso/Diego Rueda (Emmiego)

Jax Novoa/Andi Cruz (Jandi)

Jax Novoa/Maddie Van Pelt (Jaddie)

Phillip Van Pelt/Andi Cruz (Phandi)

Daniel Miller/Mia Black (Dia)

Mia Black/Diego Rueda (Miago)

Tony Myers/Emma Alonso (Tomma)

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