Paola Andino as Emma Alonso, a bubbly new student at Iridium High. She's a good witch who's learning how to use her powers responsibly while keeping her 14 year old social life intact. Plus she's The Chosen One!!

Nick Merico as Daniel Miller, an all around nice guy. He's on the Iridium Sharks, the school's swim team. Smart, popular, sweet, no wonder all the girls at Iridium High want him! But his heart's reserved for Emma.

Paris Smith as Maddie Van Pelt, the meanest and most popular girl at Iridium High. So of course she's a witch! A bad bad witch in fact. Maddie's the leader of the Panthers, the school's cheerleaders, and Daniel's ex girlfriend. When Emma moves to town, she is more than willing to ruin her life.

Daniela Nieves as Andi Cruz, Emma's best friend. Tomboy to the extreme and the only girl on the Sharks. Andi's fearless, but don't let that tomboy act fool you, deep down she really is sweet and cares about Emma.

Denisea Wilson as Katie Rice, second-in-command of the panthers. She secretly wants to be Head Panther. But for now she'll just have to deal with being in the background and being Maddie's number 2 of course.

Autumn Wendel as Sophie Johnson, the dumbest member of the Panthers. But unique in her own way. She was in love with a reptile named Beau but he missed his family and got turned back in to a lizard.

Tyler Alvarez as Diego Rueda, Gigi's brother and a member of the Sharks. Diego is the last of the Churi Kanays or Son of Fire. Translation: he can control the elements.

Kendall Ryan Sanders as Tony Myers, an aspiring magician and another member of the Sharks. Tony's a bit of an oddball with a major crush on Emma.

Mavrick Moreno as Mac Davis, the smelliest member of the Sharks. He's super energetic and Diego's best friend.

Zoey Burger as Gigi Rueda AKA Miss Information, Diego's sister the queen of gossip. Her blog Miss Information is the school's number one information source and most read blog at Iridium High.

Rahart Adams as Jax Novoa, a rebel wizard and new student at Iridium High. He likes Emma as well. We find out later on that he was sent to Miami by his dad to trick the Chosen One in combining the last two lights of the Fool Moon and destroy the realm.

Elizabeth Elias as Mia, a Kanay Season 3. She is the new girl in town and not afraid to cause a little tension and drama! Not to mention having a crush on Daniel as well.

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