The Magic Realm is another world inhabited by Witches/Wizards/Guardians like Lily, Ramona, Agamemnon and Desdemona and (presumably) other magical creatures, such as Kanays. Witches and Kanays have been fighting for centuries, which led to the extinction of Kanays, or so they thought. The Witches' Council controls the realm. Banishment from this realm is considered punishment for a witch/wizard. Guardians are able to set up portals to the realm wherever they please. A witch or wizard can destroy the magic realm and rule the world using the last light of the Fool Moon. During the last light of the Fool Moon, the Magic Realm sucks all magical creatures into the realm until the portal closes. Certain magical creatures like witches can enter or find the portal that's hidden in Iridium High. The portal is located at a certain corner of the school where witches can "sense " the realm and is secretly hidden between four/five lockers. Only Guardians know how to open portals to enter the magic realm but Andi and was able to enter with the help of Emma.The Magic Realm appeared in the end of the series finale, A Girl's Sacrifice, when Emma sent Andi there, leading to W.I.T.s Academy.


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