Katie? Bake something? And you ate it?!
~ Gigi to Diego

“Magic Fight Club”
Season 1, Episode 5
Air Date

January 7, 2014

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer and Gloria Shen


Leonardo Galavis and Arturo Manuitt

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I'm a Witch


Monkey Business

Magic Fight Club is the 5th episode of Season 1, and of Every Witch Way.


The principal grows suspicious after catching Emma and Maddie having a magical fight,and Sebastain underneath sees what happens. Diego and Mac both have crushes on Katie due to a love spell in Maddie's love pie, which Katie stole.



  • This is the episode where Emma and Maddie have their first magic fight/duel over the Hexoren.
  • The principal begins to suspect that Emma and Maddie are witches.
  • It is revealed that the Principal is a witch.
  • The Principal turned Sebastian into a frog.
  • Katie used Maddie's real love pie on Diego and Mac, planning to become more popular than Maddie.
  • Emma goes to Lily to help her undo her glamour spell.
  • It appears that Sebastian was in the classroom when Maddie and Emma were fighting.
  • The Principal asks Gigi for information about Emma.
  • We find out that Coach Julio is the son of the Principal.
  • Diego's powers go out of hand when he accidentally freezes a lunch tray in public.
  • Emma helps Tony at his magic show.
  • It's revealed the Principal has powers of her own.


Mac: Here comes trouble times 3.
Katie (walking in): Hey guys, I had no idea you'd be here!
Mac: Where's your ring leader and sidekick?
Katie : Why? It's not like we travel as a pack, everywhere we go.
Diego, Mac, and Andi: Yeah, you do.
Katie: Well, they sent me here to this pie, as a peace offering from the Panthers to the Sharks.
Andi: Yeah right, it's probably got crickets backed into it.
Mac (with a face full of pie): It's good!
Andi (whipering): Katie, can you get me some pie?
Katie: NO.
Andi: Gimme some pie!
Maddie: What happened to your amazing, new hideous look?
Emma: Got tired of it, so I changed.
Maddie: Aw, I thought it was stuck on, because you're terrible at magic.
Emma (crossing her arms): Guess I'm better than you thought. (her locker starts moving)
Maddie: What was that? Your hiding something. (she shoves her out of the way)
Emma: Hey! (Maddie unlocks her lock) Hey, how did you do that?
Maddie: Puh-lease. You think I got where I am today without knowing how to break into people's lockers?
Principal: Something is definitely fishy about that new girl Emma, getting stuck in the bathroom then magically ending up in the pool?
Julio: Like you just said, she's new. Maybe, she just got confused.
Principal: But then I got her trying to cast a spell with that, with that Jaguar.
Julio: You mean, Panther?
Principal: You know who I'm talking about, that cheerleader. Maddie.
Julio: You think they're witches?
Principal: Well, you know what they say. If it walks like a witch and talks like a witch, must be a witch.



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