Madam Director is the main antagonist of season one of Grachi. She wanted to steal the Chosen One's powers.

Season 1Edit

Madam Director is the former principal of the Escolarium and the main antagonist of season ,1 of Grachi. She is strict and wicked because she is a good witch. Her plan is to make Escolarium unhappy and eventually rule it. She is the mother of Julio, the coach of the sharks. According to Julio, she took his powers away while Julio is still a kid so she could use it to solve problems. She forced Grachi and Diego to be on her side during the eclipse, but both refused. Madam director is the one who locked Sibilo in the ring. In the last episode of the first season, she is turned into a dog by Grachi and Matilda during the eclipse and fails to steal their powers. Francisco, the father of Grachi is the new principal next at Escolarium. Madam director is the Latin American counterpart of The Principal as well.


At first when Grachi arrives at school Escolarium the Director Lady 's beginning to observe and monitor to see if it is a witch or not, she hates water as old and ugly witches hate water so she constantly wants to remove equipment your child swimming in July , also the director is the guardian of Matilda but not any tutor but as her guardian of Witchcraft and to understand more Exoren as there are things that Matilda does not understand, the director was planning for years and become the most powerful witch, for years was seeking Exoren that in this spell lock which makes indestructible any witch. She is who locked sibilo 516 years ago in oracle and when she does return to join his clan against good to be more bad so she managed his goal to be the most powerful witch. She hates all the colorful, beautiful and loving things as it is immensely evil and powerful, one day she calls Grachi to the direction and says that he knows who she is, that she is a witch and tries to Grachi are you a but she refuses, and the principal threat saying that his days in Escolarium could be dire. The Director hates Cussy that is a good witch and is the guardian of magic Grachi and that is in love with his son in July . The director encloses Cussy in the ring in which he locked sibilo years that did not want to interfere with his evil plans since the day of the eclipse would steal the powers Grachi and Matilda, the reason which is so powerful is that she stole the powers to July his son for this reason is very strong, a look that Grachi wanted to save Cussy ring director surprised and took the Exoren and demanded to write the spell lock on a leaf at which made ​​Grachi, The Director is chosen before Grachi therefore must be destroyed. In the final chapter of Grachi one she tells July that will make everyone toads but Daniel brings everyone out of the house of Matilda to see the eclipse, and the director was angry he casts a spell which makes Daniel fly out that blew a horn, that sibilo tries to steal the spell lock but the director surprises and turns it into shorts.

Grachi manages to get Cussy of the ring and when you are out robs the Exoren and hence the Director Lady deliberates this war saying the spell lock and after that sends Matilda to end what good director will cast a spell to Cussy but in July the covers and he fell to him and begins to turn into fish is when the director enraged and begins to destroy all party Matilda and yells at Grachi and Matilda want their powers and I realize Matilda who is betrayed and Director tries to say a spell that says flakes tame crocodile flea Amazon, and can not continue reading because that part is burned by the Exoren was burned by Diego and then begins to cast spells and everything starts to explode at the party and Grachi and Matilda but join forces alone can not because they were weak and the principal is very strong and then sends Grachi Mecha by Exoren and this is positioned under them and says director with that glimmer're going to destroy and Matilda says if with that spark and begin to join forces Grachi, Matilda and Exoren to destroy the director and when the director cast the spell resists but the power of exoren increases and the dog becomes the director and all returns to normal and Exoren disappears llevandoce powers Grachi and Matilda, to protect themselves and go elsewhere to be found by other witches, after this Cussy kisses July and the fish become longer. The post she occupied what is now occupied directorial Francisco Grachi dad and Matilda finally understood that Daniel is for Grachi and stop fighting for him and falls in love with Diego , in the absence of Madam Director changes the color of the Lockers, salons and also change the uniform Orange and offices and classrooms were arranged differently. She is also one just all kanays and now he found Diego wants to remove his powers, she is also the mother of Mia Mia why not come out of nowhere but it takes revenge and tries to get a new love


  • She is played by Martha Pabon.
  • She is the latin american counter part of The Principal

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