You do realize they're called the Terrible Three for a reason, right?
~ Andi to Emma

Season 1, Episode 8
Air Date

January 10,2014

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer and Gloria Shen


Leonardo Galavis and Arturo Manuitt

Episode Guide

Monkey Business II


I Said, Upside Down

Mac-sic-cle is the 8th episode of Season 1, and of Every Witch Way.


While Emma and Daniel patch things up,The Panthers devise a plan to steal the Hexoren.



  • Diego freezes Mac in a block of frozen ice.
  • Emma turns Lily back into a human.
  • Lily tells Emma there is someone evil and powerful after her, but due to her being turned into a monkey, she can't remember who it was.
  • They showed a picture of Emma's mom, Maria Alonso.
  • Maddie and Katie steal the Hexoren.
  • Maddie cast a spell on Daniel that makes him say the opposite of what he means.
  • Since Daniel is under the spell he and Maddie get back together
  • Julio gets suspicious of Emma.
  • Ursula Van Pelt (Maddie's Mom) paid Emma to babysit the T3, in a plan to steal the Hexoren.
  • Lily catches Julio sneaking around in her office.
  • Tony misinterprets Daniel and believes he is letting him ask out Emma.
  • Gigi is absent in this episode.


Andi: What's that piece of junk?
Lily: A guardian's magic tablet. The GMT. Emma how did you convince Maddie to turn me back into a human?
Emma: Well, at first, she wanted me to give her the Hexoren, but I knew you wouldn't want me to. But then somebody called animal control and I felt I had no choice, but then the book was at home and you were in the cafeteria about to be caught so I had to do it myself.
Andi: And breathe. (Emma takes a deep breath)
Lily (amazed): You broke Maddie's spell?
Emma (eagerly): Yep.
Lily: Wow, and no one saw you?
Emma: Yep, wait actually I think Coach Julio might have seen me do it.
Lily: Wow, I mean, what?!
Tony: So, everything you say is the opposite of what you mean?
Daniel: No. (writes on whiteboard yes)
Tony: That's- Look, if this about you liking Emma you can just tell me. (Daniel writes it's not) It's okay if you like her.
Daniel: I don't, really. (writes he does, but that this isn't about her)
Tony: Maybe, your subconscious is making you say what you really feel, and you just have to deal with it.
Daniel: I think you're right (meaning he thinks he's wrong. He starts to write it, but Tony stops him)
Tony: Hey, don't fight it. Just go with it. So it's okay if I ask Emma out?
Daniel (struggling to say no): Y-Ye-ye-YES.
Tony: Thanks brah, you're the best!
Daniel: Keep saying brah like that it makes you sound super cool (meaning it doesn't make him sound cool)
Tony: I will brah.



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