Jax, I think I made a big mistake.
~ Emma

“Lunch at Lola's”
Season 4, Episode 7
Air Date

July 14, 2015

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Catharina Ledeboer & Charlotte Owen


Clayton Boen

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Lunch at Lola's is the 7th episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way.


The gang travels to a restaurant in Miami called Lola's; the group has a magical encounter.


Every Witch Way Trivia

  • This is a crossover with Nickelodeon's Talia in the Kitchen.
  • When Jax tries to ask his father about his sister, Jake avoids his questions.
  • Andi believes that someone had taken Jessie away.
  • Emma only has a few hours left before Daniel disappears.
  • Maddie creates a game show to help Daniel restore his memories.
  • Mia arrives in Miami to bring Daniel back to the Everglades.
  • Daniel reveals to Mia that everyone are witches while Andi watches from afar.
  • Daniel assures Mia that he will return home.
  • Jessie reveals that she use to attend Lincoln School.
  • Emma and the gang meet Talia and her gang.
  • Emma believes that Mia is trying to ruin things for Daniel.
  • Daniel pretends to have his memories back so he can return back to the Everglades.
  • When everyone eats Talia's foods they begin to reveal their true feelings and thoughts on certain matters.
    • Emma reveals she is the most powerful witch.
    • Maddie says that her mother doesn't like Diego because he stinks.
    • Jax and everyone else reveal they are tired of trying to restore Daniel's memories.
    • Daniel admits he lied about regaining his memories.
  • Diego uses his Kanay powers to destroy a rooster.
  • Gigi witnesses Diego doing magic.
  • Jax feels strange magic from Talia's food.
  • Most of what's written on the wheel is "The Daniel Identity," "Forgetting Daniel," "Remember Daniel," and "Total Daniel Recall."

Talia in the Kitchen Trivia

  • Everyone begins to tell the truth about magic due to the food Talia made, including other matters...
    • Emma claims she is the boss of everyone.
    • Maddie says that Emma is the boss of her.
    • Emma reveals she was wrong about bringing Daniel back to Miami.
    • Jax was afraid that Emma made the wrong choice about choosing between him and Daniel.
    • Jax reveals his true thoughts regarding the gang's current situation with Daniel
  • Daniel and Talia talk about their true feelings regarding Miami and the Everglades.
  • Maddie erases Gigi's memories again.
  • Talia believes she can restore Daniel's memories.
  • Valarie is revealed to have a crush on Diego.
  • When Talia serves a special meal, Daniel is able to regain his memories.
    • Daniel believes Maddie to still be his girlfriend.
    • Daniel has most of his memories back, up until he met Emma.
  • Emma is upset that Daniel doesn't remember her.
  • Daniel tries to kiss Maddie, but is stopped by Diego.
  • Emma admits she is unhappy that Daniel tried to kiss Maddie.
  • Jax is revealed to have gone to the Academy for Witches and Guardians.
  • Jax reveals that Talia is another kind of magical being, she is neither a Witch or a Kanay.
  • Jax reveals that Daniel's family hasn't returned home, meaning the Continuum Break is still in affect.


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Emma (when Jax comes over): What's up?
Jax: I think Jessie's really my sister.
Emma (shocked): You do? What happened?
Jax: My dad. He recognized her straight away and I've never seen him so happy about something that isn't business related.
Andi (chiming in): I'm not surprised. Girl's got a lot of 'tude' for a 10 year old. (to Jax) Which makes sense why your related.
Jax (directing his attention back to Emma): But something really weird is going on. He said that he's been looking for her everywhere, but as soon as I started asking questions, he cast a spell and shut me up.
Emma: Where could she have been all these years? And why was it such a big secret?
Jax: I don't know, but I'm gonna find out. *walking out* Duty calls. (yelling to Mr. Alonso) Paper rolls? Can you pause that for me?
Mia (coming from the Everglades): I miss you Daniel. Come home.
Daniel: I miss you too Mia. Come, sit down. *they sit at a table in the cafeteria* I still can't get over you being here. How'd you get here? Do you want anything? Uh, veggie burgers are kinda not bad.
Mia: I'm good. I just- I don't know. I had a bad dream and it got me worried. You left so suddenly and you didn't explain why you had to come to Miami. So, I figured you needed some rescuing.
Daniel: It's okay, you don't need to rescue me.
Mia: C'mon Danny, what's going on?
Daniel: It's too hard to explain.
Mia (not buying it): Try me. Are you in some, kind of trouble? Danny please!
Daniel (surrendering): Okay! Okay I'll tell you. But this is gonna sound crazy so just, bare with me. Remember those guys that came with Jax, Emma, Diego? *Mia nods* I don't know how to say this so I'm just gonna say it. *hissing* They're witches.
Mia (not falling for it): So you're not gonna tell me?
Daniel (stressing): I am telling you. *Mia's expression becomes serious* Here's the thing, I've seen them do some strange stuff. They have powers, for real. They, they can cast spells and wipe minds and make things appear and disappear, no joke.
Mia (uncomfortable): I don't know what to say about that. But does this 'other life' thing make any sense to you? *he shakes his head* Hears what does makes sense: *takes his hand in hers* I know who you are, and you know who you are, and we both know where you belong. So come home.
Andi (after eating the food): You know what Daniel? I got be honest. I totally don't believe you remember any of us.
Daniel (also after eating the food): You're right; I don't. I just memorized these game show cards from your crazy game show. I mean, who stages a game show in their own living room?
Maddie (offended): Crazy game show? How dare you!
Diego: When is you mom gonna stop ragging on me for being a kanay?
Maddie: Knowing her, never.
Diego: Why?
Maddie: Well, because you stink! *gasps and covers her mouth*

Diego: what?

Maddie: I happen to love that smell.

Emma: This is delicious! Spicy, but delicious!
Jax (seeing she's eating the food): Emma, no!
Emma: It's okay Jax. I can take the heat. I am the most powerful witch in the world, after all. *she widens her eyes, shocked she said that*

Jax: Whoa.

Katie (equally shocked): Where did that come from?

Maddie: I mean it's true. *gasps*

Jax: I just wanna say, that I've been pretty supportive of this whole Daniel thing, but I'm pretty much over it.

Emma (shocked): Jax!

Jax (to everyone): Come on guys, let's just be honest! I mean, aren't we all a little tired of this? Raise you hand if you're tired of going down Daniel's memory lane. *everyone raises their hands*
Daniel: Me especially; you're all weird.

Emma: Great guys, way to help. *sees Andi's hand up* You? Andi really?

Andi: What can I say. Okay, I've been trying to put my arm down but it just won't cooperate!

Gigi: Not me. I think you're the most fascinating person I've ever met. *leans in for a kiss, but Maddie interrupts*
Maddie: Okay, while we're on the subject of being tired of stuff, I'm tired of saving you guys all the time and you never even thank me!

Katie (upset, yelling): You! Never even thank us for our contribution!*puts hand over her mouth*

Sophie: Well-I love all of you!

Gigi: And I, (to Daniel) am crazy for you. *They all begin arguing*



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