You're dating a human? Why would you ever do that?
~ Jax to Emma

“Love Pie Redux”
Season 2, Episode 3
Maddie Eavesdropping
Air Date

July 9, 2014

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Catharina Ledeboer


Clayton Boen

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Runaway Witch


Powers by Proxy

Love Pie Redux is the 3rd episode of Season 2, and of Every Witch Way.


Jax gets Emma in trouble, when he tries to talk to her "wizard to witch"; Katie, Sophie and Diego try to convince Maddie that she has her powers back, by going to crazy lengths and trying to make it look like Maddie's spells worked, but Maddie finds out they were just pretending. Emma finds out that Jax is a wizard. Jax then offers to help her with her disappearing (transportation) spells. Meanwhile Ursula makes a love pie for Francisco. Her and Maddie get invited to his house, where they announce that they are getting married and Maddie and Emma are gonna be sisters.



  • Ursula casts a spell on a pie so that Francisco would fall in love with her.
  • Emma finds out that Jax is a wizard.
  • Emma mentioned her mother in this Episode
  • Jax accidently gets her in trouble.
  • Francisco tells Maddie and Emma that their going to be sisters.
  • Maddie finds out she doesn't have her powers back.
  • It is revealed that Katie and Sophie told Ursula about the love spell.
  • Emma lies to Daniel yet again when he asks if she has her powers back.
  • This is the first episode Maddie calls Diego proxy.
  • According to Emma, her dad thinks Ursula is loud, dramatic, and has hands the size of Texas.
  • Francisco and Ursula tell Emma and Maddie they're getting married, which terrifies both of them.
  • Gigi is absent in this episode.


Jax: C'mon Jax, one more for the record.
Emma (walking in): This better be good Daniel I have- *sees Jax* Jax? (goo spills on her)
Jax (holding back a laugh): Hey Emma, sure got here fast.
Emma: What are you?
Jax: I'm one of you.
Emma (shocked): You're a witch?
Jax: No, I'm a wizard. Girls are witches, and boys are wizards.
Emma: I'm not a witch!
Jax: Oh, don't even try it, I saw you hanging out with Agamemnon and-
Emma: You know about the Witches Council?
Jax: Oh course, everybody does! You must be in trouble if they came to look for you! I underestimated you.
Emma: You don't have to worry Daniel, I'm still, just me.
Daniel: You're right, I'm sorry. I just got so worried that your powers are gonna come back and ruin everything. (she made a face and he corrected himself) I didn't mean it like that.
Emma: Daniel, with or without powers, I'm still a witch.
Daniel: I know, but without your powers, you're safe from-
Emma (cutting him off): Super-psycho 400 year old witches disguised as principals who want to steal my powers?
Daniel: Yes. Okay, I gotta go before your dad sees me. See you later (kisses her on the cheek and leaves)
Maddie (from afar): I'm home!
Katie: We're in here Maddie!
Maddie (enters): Oh great! I need some help from my bestest friends ever, with my, uh, spells.
Sophie: Of course! We're here to help you!
Maddie: Aww, thanks! You're such good friends! Ready? I don't have a broom, but still want Sophie to float around the room! (Katie lifts Sophie up)
Sophie: You did it! I'm flying!
Maddie: She's sometimes just a shady lady, so make it rain only on Katie! (Diego makes it rain on Katie)
Katie: Oh wow, yay, it worked! We should stop now!
Maddie: Wind! (Diego blows wind) Smoothie! (Katie gets smoothies but drops them on Sophie) More wind! (Diego makes more) Oh stop. I know it's you, ALL of you.
Diego (coming from behind the curtain): You know?
Maddie: Of course I know. There's a rope running through the living room!


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