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Limbo is a type of prison where witches and wizards are teleported to, no magic works there, and the only way to escape is to have a Kanay create a portal.


Limbo appears as a gray possibly endless field of nothing but clouds, it contains a table, one chair, and a lamp.


  • Ramona was sent there by Desdemona in an attempt to kidnap her.
  • Lily was sent there by Agamemnon after Lily was framed by Evil Desdemona.
  • Agamemnon was sent there by Evil Emma after Agamemnon revealed to her how a witch and wizard can send someone to Limbo, thinking that she was the real Emma Alonso.
  • Ramona is the only one in the show who cast the right spell to get out of Limbo.
  • Diego knows that he can create portals to and from Limbo. He then uses the ability to free the Witches' Council.
  • The Principal and Evil Emma were teleported from Limbo in A Girl's Sacrifice by Emma, but the Principal is later sent back while Evil Emma is put back inside the original Emma.
  • Liana was sent to Limbo in A Girl's Sacrifice by Emma for trying to take over Emma's powers and the magic realm.
  • Currently, three people are there, there have been eight in total.
  • In the spinoff show, WITS Academy, it was revealed that Coach Foiler was Malas Manos, an escaped fugitive from Limbo who was disguising herself as a staff member.

Known Residents Edit

Principal Torres (The Chosen One-Mommie Dearest, A Girl's Sacrifice-present)

Liana Woods (A Girl's Sacrifice-present)

Malas Manos (currently)

Former Residents Edit

Ramona (Runaway Witch-Stormageddon, About a Wizard-Emma vs. Emma)

Lily (Andi & Phillip, Sittin' in a Tree-Emma vs. Emma)

Agamemnon (The Abyss-Emma vs. Emma)

Evil Emma (Emma vs. Emma-A Girl's Sacrifice)

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