Churi Kanays or simply Kanays are humans, but still belong to the Magic Realm with abilties over the four natural elements (Water, Air, Earth, and Fire), Transformation, and Portal Creation. The name "Churi Kanay" means "son of fire". Diego Rueda was thought to be the very last Kanay (and the only Kanay in Every Witch Way) until Neverending Summer, where Mia revealed herself to be a Kanay after she shapeshifted into Emma. Currently, Mia and Diego are the only living Kanays in the series.

For a time, Witches and Kanays hated each other because Witches have tried to destroy Kanays. Kanays don't hate each other in season 3, due to Maddie and Diego's relationship. Jax thinks their funk is way worse. Also no one yet has said that Mia has Kanay funk. No one knows how they originated, all we know is there are two left. If a Kanay loses a battle he/she have to obey the other one. Kanays are also known to have different tribe markings. In Defiance, it is known that Kanays have Kanay Duels to settle a disagreement.

In The Truth About Kanays, It is revealed that Kanays have halves of them.

In A Girl's Sacrifice, Diego and Maddie along with the a Panthers decide to look for more Kanays.

Similar to witches, Kanays seem to have a signature gesture they use to activate their powers. For example, Diego stretches out his arms and Mia punches a fisted hand into her other open hand.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Elemental Control- The ability to control and manipulate the four basic elements

  • Fire
  • Water/Ice
  • Air
  • Earth
  • Lightning

Portal Creation: The ability to open portals to different parts of the Magic Realm.

Transformation: The ability to transform themselves into certain things.

Mind control(via Spider Marking)

Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with your mind. Mia used this power in Rebel Emma. 

Firework Creation: The ability to create and manipulate fireworks.

Shapeshifting: The ability to change shape from one form to another. In order to shapeshift, Kanays need something that was in the person they want to shift into's possession.

Force Field: The ability to create a protective shield around yourself. Mia used this to block Diego's fireball from hitting her. 

Known Kanays Edit

Diego RuedaEdit

In I'm a Witch, Diego discovered his ability to control the elements, and that he was therefore a Kanay. In Season 2 he unlocks the powers of

Diego's Kanay markings

Transformation and Portal Creation. In Season 3 he and Maddie learn more about Kanay markings and their history.

Mia Black Edit

Mia was born a Kanay and knew of the fact since a very young age. She was shown to have spider markings to symbolize the specific tribe that she is from. The spider marking also shows that she and her family originate from the

Mia shows her Kanay markings

line of rebellious Kanays that's the last line of her family.

She has the standard Kanay abilities which include: shapeshifting, telekinesis, atmokinesis, elemental control, etc... Mia is a troublemaker who appears friendly and innocent on the outside when in reality, she has a dark plan for the Chosen One. She develops a crush on Daniel after shapeshifting into Emma and kissing him. In New Witch Order, Mia and Emma rest aside their differences and become allies.

Mia's Father Edit


Mia holding a photo of her and and her father when she was a child

Mia's deceased father, whom she has not seen since she was seven years old, was a Churi Kanay, like his daughter. His name is currently unknown. When Mia was a child, her father burst into her bedroom, declaring that they were leaving. He explained to Mia that all Kanays had halves, and that she would find her other half one day. He also told her how she would rise to become the leader of a tribe in the future, and he passed the Cristal de Caballero to his daughter. Soon, Mia's father was murdered by Iridium High's Principal, who was the Chosen One desiring to kill all Kanays. Mia went on to live with her afgunt.


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