Does stuff like this happen a lot at Iridium High?
~ Mia

“Kanay vs. Kanay”
Season 3, Episode 11
Kanay vs. Kanay
Air Date

January 19, 2015

Production code



Catharina Ledeboer
Charlotte Owen


Clayton Boen

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El Cristal de Caballero


Invisible Me

Kanay vs. Kanay [1] is the 11th episode of Season 3, and of Every Witch Way.


Maddie and Emma try to find a way out of the janitor's closet; Jax flashes in the janitor's closet and tries to transport Emma and Maddie out of there but, the cristal causes only Jax to transport leaving Emma and Maddie in the janitor's closet. Daniel and the Panthers search for Maddie and Emma; Diego and Mia grow closer.


Emma and Maddie try to find their way out of the janitor's closet. Mia and Diego gets closer. Mia comes out to Diego and tells him that her parents were destroyed by the old chosen one. T3 are at Iridium High and try to search for H20, so they could get revenge. Jax and Andi are in trouble when Francisco Alonso catches them in his office smashing open the wall in his office, but he leaves early after he is called to go out to the parking lot. Emma and Maddie are saved by Diego and Mia. Mia must stop Katie from telling everyone her secret, so she shape shifts into Maddie and breaks their friendship up. Andi speaks with Agamemnon, so she can become a guardian. Mia is at her basement, and Katie wants reunite with Mia and become her sidekick. Andi breaks into Francisco's office and Jax shows up. Jax cast a spell to make the walls invisible, but Andi interferes while he is casting and turns Andi invisible, Andi is caught by surprise and is surprisingly happy.



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  • Jax turns into a ferret in this episode.
  • Mia shape shifts into Maddie.
  • Mia helps Diego rescue Emma and Maddie from the Janitor's closet.
  • Jax accidentally makes Andi invisible.
  • The T3 are caught roaming through school by the Panthers.
  • Mr. Alonso accidently makes Ursula cry.
  • Jax tries to get the girls out of the janitor's closet, but the cristal interfered.
  • Mia shapeshifts into Maddie and makes Katie believe Maddie hates her.
  • The T3 think the H20 are responsible for the snow in the janitor's closet.
  • Gigi seeks out whoever was responsible for destroying her equipment.
  • Agamemnon tells Andi he will reconsider her for being a guardian if she captures Mia and brings her to him for questioning; she also beats him in a game of chess.
  • Katie alligns with Mia, after thinking Maddie hates her.


Mr. Alonso: Andi, were you about to put that ferret into the wall. MY wall?!
Andi: Well, technically, it's OUR wall, you know since you're always saying it's our school, we have to take care of it, and- (he crosses his arms, not buying it) No no, I wasn't, I was...rescuing it! Yeah, it was trapped inside these walls! I had to get it out of there, and that's why I made the holes in the walls. Yeah, that's what I did.
Mr. Alonso: How did you know it was in there?
Andi: Well, I heard him. It was making like those little ferret noises, you know, the ones that Jax makes when he's happy. (acts out noises)
Mr. Alonso (realizing he's not there): Jax, where did he go?
Andi: Jax, he went to go call animal control!
Mr. Alonso: Why didn't he just call from here? (Andi doesn't respond) You know, something about your whole story, doesn't smell right.
Andi: It's the ferret, but don't say it in front of him, he's sensitive!
Mr. Alonso: Andi, don't try to confuse and distract me, okay? I know all your tricks, you're at my house all the time, and you eat all my food! Now, out with it!
Ursula (walking in, to Francisco): There you are! (both shocked that she's here) We hadn't finished our conversation, um, about how Maddie-winky was going to go to medical school.
Mr. Alonso: Ursula, Maddie, medical school, really? I mean, she's gonna have to study a lot harder than she does now! That's for sure.
Ursula (sniffling): Are you saying that, I'm not a, not a good, mother?! (begins to cry)
Andi: Oh great, great, now you've done it!
Mr. Alonso (to Ursula): That's not what I'm saying!
Andi (to Francisco): And making her cry. That is not nice! You know what is nice though, recuing animals. (Ursula yelps at the sight of the ferret)
Mia: Oh hi Katie. Came crawling back already?
Katie: Never. I'm done with you; I can't stand by while you try to hurt my best friend.
Mia: You mean ex-best friend.
Katie: Not for long. (shows her the pink shirt that reads: Forgive Me Maddie, I was wrong)
Mia (sarcastically): Cute, is that a new trend? I guess I'm not caught up on my Losers Fashion Weekly.
Katie: Once I tell Maddie who you really are, you are so done.
Mia: Good luck convincing her I'm evil after I saved her life.
Katie (fighting back): She will believe me, and so will everyone else. (lowers voice) Including Daniel.
Mia: Go ahead and tell her then. Here, I'll even help you. I just saw her walking into the bathroom a minute ago. (Katie walks off, while Mia deviously smiles)
Andi (to Agamemnon): I don't know if there are any more. (has a thought) Do I get a bigger and better title if I catch more than one? Supreme Commander, guardian Andi Cruz.
Agamemnon (snapping her out of her daydream): No title. But save me the trouble of having to catch the kanay myself and I'll reconsider.
Andi: Oh great! If I bring you Mia, you're, not gonna hurt her, right?
Agamemnon: No, of course not.
Andi: Oh, okay. I mean, I was still gonna tie her up real good and the probably chop those bangs off, but if we're gonna go any further than that-
Agamemnon: No, just going to question her.
Andi: Oh okay then. Oh, any luck with the cristal, and figuring out how to get it off Emma, and Maddie.
Agamemnon: No. You?
Andi (surprised): Me?
Agamemnon (not buying it): Oh, don't even try it. I know full well that you and that pesky Novoa wizard are looking for the last piece of the cristal.
Andi: How did you know?
Agamemnon: Because, he is the noisiest spell caster EVER.
Andi (rolling her eyes): Try spying with him. he can't even sneak up on anyone without making a ruckus.
Agamemnon: Well, as long as I already know, you might as well tell me the truth.
Andi: Well, we haven't found anything, yet, but I'm not done looking. (sees a move open, and takes it) Ah! Checkmate; I rule!


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