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Possible Crushes (Both Sides)

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Jily (J/ulio and L/ily) was the pairing of Coach Julio and Nurse Lily; before Coach Julio's departure after the first season. It's possible they have a crush on each other, as the two always have a flirting aroma around them every time they meet in Season 1. Both Julio and Lily are involved in the Magic Realm even though their powerless guardians.

Thsee characters were portrayed by Rafael de La Fuente and Melissa Carcache.


  • Julio and Lily don't seem to interact much, but they do seem to fancy each other and get flirty around each other; especially Lily.
  • They may possibly be crushes.
  • They both try around flirt around each other every time they see each other.
  • When Julio did not return for a second season, Lily didn't really seem to care, so possibly Julio liked her more than she liked him.


  • Both were involved with the magic realm.
  • Both once were frogs.


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