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Jassie hug
General Information
Nickname Jassie


Intimacy Level Siblings/Good Friends
Friendship Started Monkey Face Emoji
Friendship Status Good Friends
 Jassie (Jax and Jessie) is the sibling/friendship pairing of  Jax Novoa and Jessie Novoa. They meet for the first time in A Tale of Two Lives. Jax at first does not believe Jessie is his sister, but soon discovers that she in fact is related to him. After a rough start, Jax learns to be very caring and protective towards his sister, who he at first found annoying and a handful. Jessie does her best to show her big brother that she is on his side.

Jassie Friendship History

Season 4

A Tale of Two Lives

  • They meet face to face for the first time.
  • Jessie seemed excited to meet Jax, while Jax finds her a bit annoying.
  • She reveals that she is in fact his sister.

Twisted Sister

  • Jax has a hard time believing Jessie is his sister.
  • He almost throws her out of the house but she shows him a picture of their mom, him, and herself.
  • He pressures her to tell him where she got it from.
  • He takes her to school with him.
  • Jax introduces her to Andi and asks Andi to babysit her.
  • Jax laughs when he sees Jessie was taped to a door.
  • Jax removes Jessie from the door.
  • Jessie immediately realizes that Emma is Jax's girlfriend.
  • Jax introduces her to Emma.
  • They walk home from school.
  • Jessie sees Jake and asks Jax is that's their dad.
  • Jax is shocked that his dad knew who Jessie was.

Lunch at Lola's

  • Jax asks Jessie where she really came from, but his dad casts a spell on him to stop him from talking.
  • Jessie begs Jax not to fight with their dad.
  • Jax goes to talk to Emma, tell her that he's convinced Jessie really is his sister.
  • He is seen talking to Emma and Andi in school the next day, saying his dad will explain Jessie's sudden arrival soon.

Monkey Face Emoji

  • Jessie catches him in their dad's room looking for evidence that she is really his sister.
  • Jax wonders why she won't leave him alone.
  • Jessie admits that she really wants a brother.

The Final Countdown

Diego's Wipedown

Van Pelt Reunion

Back to Square One

  • Jax tries to convince Jessie to join him and his mom.

Power in a Bottle


Stop Emma

Mommie Dearest

  • Jessie tells Jax about her idea to test which one of their parents are lying.

A Girl's Sacrifice

  • Jax is watching over Jessie washing a car.


  • They are siblings.
  • Jessie has spent most of her life with Liana, while Jax has spent most of his with Jake.
  • They both enjoy turkey sandwiches and Captain El Capitan comics and action figures.
  • It took a while for Jax to warm up to Jessie.
  • Overtime, Jax is shown to be very protective of her.
  • Jessie looks up to Jax, and hopes to be like him.
  • Both seems to care a lot about Emma.


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