Evil Emma And Jax
General Information
Nickname Jae
Intimacy Level Enemies
Former Attraction
Started Dating Double TroubleThe Emma Squad
The AbyssEmma vs. Emma
Dating Status Exes/Enemies

Jae (Jax and E) was the pairing of Jax Novoa and E (Evil Emma). Jax cared more for Evil Emma than original Emma throughout Season 2 but soon betrayed her in Emma vs. Emma.

Jae Moments/History

Season 2

Double Trouble

  • Jax, under the impression that E was the real Emma, ditches Francisco's lecture to hang out with E.
  • They end up at the Seven, and kiss shortly afterward.

The Emma Squad

  • It is revealed that since that night, they keep in contact with each other through text.
  • Jax seems upset at first that he didn't kiss the realm Emma but then begs her to let her clone stay around.

The Abyss

  • They reunite and hug.
  • Jax confesses that he missed her.

I'll Stop the World

Emma vs. Emma

Season 4

A Girl's Sacrifice