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Jaddie is a "friendship"/frenemy pairing between Maddie Van Pelt and Jax Novoa. Nothing much is known about this pairing. They seem to bicker a lot, and don't really get along well. (As seen in Season 2-4)


  • They first meet face-to-face in the episode The Fool Moon at the Seven.
  • Jax casted a spell on her for fun in Double Trouble.
  • In the episode Missminion, they both greet Emma with an, "Oh, it's you."
  • They had a magic fight in the cafeteria.
  • Jax and his mom stay at Maddie's for a few days in case Jax's father comes looking for them.
  • Both of Jax's parents are from the realm, while it's unclear whether or not Maddie's father is human or not.


  • Both part of the Magic Realm.
  • Maddie and Jax both used a spell to shrink themselves.
  • They also used this spell to spy on Emma and Daniel. Maddie shrunk herself, though Jax turned himself into a spider in Powers by Proxy.
  • Both have used spells on their phone and pretended to be someone else.
    • Maddie turns her phone into Emma's phone in Monkey Business II.
    • Jax sends a text to Emma and made it look like it came from Daniel's phone in Runaway Witch.
  • Both have been stuffed in lockers.
  • Both have casted multiple memory wiping spells on one person in an episode.
  • Both have used a spell to stick people to the floor.


  • She lives with her mom while he lives with his dad.
  • Jax has gotten in trouble with the Council many times while Maddie has been praised by the Council.
  • Jax is Australian while Maddie is American.
  • Jax got his powers at 7 while Maddie got hers at 14.
  • Maddie likes Diego's kanay scent, while Jax does not.
  • Jax is dating a witch while Maddie is dating a kanay.

Jaddie Moments

Season 2

The Fool Moon

  • Jax finally meets Maddie at the Seven.
  • He offers to teach her how to cast spells in her head, but she tells him she lost her powers.
  • He tells her that if she doesn't know where her powers are, it means the Council took them.
  • Maddie tells them she will demand that they give them back to he, which makes him scoff.
  • Maddie tells him that she knows Maddie Van Pelt. "And Maddie Van Pelt always get what she wants."

Double Trouble

  • Jax nicknames her the "wicked powerless witch of the west."
  • When Maddie threatens him, he casts a spell on her to make her hop like a rabbit and walking away laughing.
  • Maddie calls after him, begging him to reverse it.

The Breakup

  • Maddie sees him in the cafeteria and makes his apple rotten as revenge for making her hop around school.
  • They begin to have a magic fight, until Diego knocks him over.
  • They, along with Diego, get caught by Mr. Alonso and are recruited to join the school play.
  • Jax asks her incredulously if she's friend with a kanay.
  • Maddie tells him he'd pick Diego over him any day.

Emma Wants a Cracker

  • They are both seen at Daniel's house, trying to return Emma back to normal.


  • Jax pulls out Maddie's grades when he and Emma are trapped in her dad's office and hands then to her, knowing she wants to look at them.
  • Jax dares Emma to imitate Maddie.

Beach Birthday Bash

Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree

  • Maddie basically insults Jax by saying he doesn't have great taste (since he was dating Emma) after he insulted Katie.

Season 3

Spider No More

Back To Back

El Cristal de Caballero

Kanay vs. Kanay

  • They both hold hands in an attempt to get out of the janitors closet.

Invisible Me

  • Maddie is startled when Jax transports into Emma's house, but is excited when he says he found the last piece of the crystal.

Kangaroo Jax

Season 4

A World Without You

Back to Square One

Diego's Wipedown

  • Maddie defends her mother when Jax threatened her if she didn't tell him where his mother was.

Back to Square One

  • Neither of them looked pleased after realizing they will be temporarily living together.

Power in a Bottle

  • Maddie is upset when Jax surprises her and makes her spill paint on her white sofa.
  • Jax cleans it up after she yells at him.
  • Jax tells Maddie that maybe she shouldn't paint in the living room around white furniture.
  • Jax, Emma, and Jessie find Maddie and her mom tied up by Jax's father.
  • Even thought he frees her, she is furious that he destroyed her stuff while battling his dad.

What If?


  • Maddie makes a face at Jax when he tells them the word they're looking for to describe Diego's smell is "stank."
  • He gets upset when Emma agrees to help Diego and Maddie, saying he already spent enough time with her cooped up at her house.

A Girl's Sacrifice

  • They are seen standing near each other, and having disappointed looks on their faces when Emma says she still wants to bring her mother back.


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