Welcome to "Lily's Hospital of Powerless Witches."
~ Lily, sarcastically to Andi

Season 4, Episode 17
Air Date

July 27, 2015

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Charlotte Owen & Jeff Sayers


Clayton Boen

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Forever Charmed


Stop Emma

Frenemies is the 17th episode of Season 4, and of Every Witch Way.


Emma works to become more powerful, even though she is alienating all of her friends; Jake attempts to see his family again.



  • Emma begins the time manipulation spell, but fails.
  • Emma doesn't have enough power to go back in time.
  • Emma tells Daniel she can't send him back to the Everglades.
  • Emma decides to use Maddie's powers to help her.
  • Emma takes Maddie's powers without her knowledge.
  • Daniel returns to the Everglades for a quick trip.
  • Emma again tries to go back in time, but fails.
  • Jax offers Emma his powers, but she refuses.
  • Jake gets into his house and reunites with Jessie.
  • Jake attempts to tell Jessie something important but are interrupted when they hear Jax coming.
  • Jessie hides Jake from Jax.
  • Maddie discovers her powers are gone.
  • Andi informs Lily that Emma has an evil spell book.
  • Lily informs Andi and Maddie that Emma stole Maddie's powers.
  • Daniel thought he found Billy.
  • Jax and Liana catch Jake and send him away.
  • Diego finds out that there is another Kanay in the Everglades.
  • Maddie demands that Emma return her powers, but she refuses.
  • Everyone is mad at Emma.
  • Emma is upset that she is losing her friends.
  • Emma decides to use Jake's powers to help her.


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Jax (after she puts the picture of her and her mom in the orb): Wait, Em!
Emma (turning around): What?
Jax: If you go back in time to when that picture was taken, who will you be? Will you be this Emma, or will you be baby Emma? Will you be the Emma that likes pizza, or will you be the Emma that likes mud pie?
Emma (puzzled): Mud pie?
Jax: I don't know, isn't that what kids eat?
Emma: I'm not sure. I guess for a brief moment, both Emmas will exist.
Jax: What if you go back in time and you don't have your powers? You'll be a kid and *sadly* you won't know me.
Emma: I think I can fix the time jumps. I'll go back to before she was sick. And just only that wrinkle in time and jump back with nothing else changed.
Diego (seeing Emma with Jax, and walking over with Maddie): Ooh, perfect! Just the person I was looking for.
Emma (a little exasperated): You too?
Diego: Okay, I know that this is a weird question but just go with it. Can you smell me?
Emma (while Jax nods): You mean, right now?
Diego: Like can you sense my odor from super far away and would you consider it....stinky?
Emma (while Jax nods, again): Uh, in general you smell fine to me. Sure, after a couple hours working the pizza oven you might not be the freshest, but who would be?
Maddie: No, he's talking know how some witches say kanays have a certain-
Jax (to Maddie): I think the word you're looking for is stank *he and Emma chuckle*
Diego: There are certain witches who have this sense where they can smell kanay *directed at Jax* AROMA, from super far away.
Emma: Diego that's really interesting but I'm kind of in the middle of something important.
Diego: As important as trying to figure out if you're one of the last remaining members of a soon-to-be-extinct species?
Emma: Yes. *Jax nods in agreement*
Diego (taken aback): Oh. That is not the response I was expecting, just give me a second here to regroup....
Desdemona: So, how does one get the water, on the floor?
Agamemnon: so! *tips over mop bucket*
Desdemona: I don't think that's right.
Agamemnon: What do you know? You stick to doling out those little strips of carbohydrates to children.
Desdemona: They're called French fries! And I know plenty! *tries to grab the mop from Agamemnon*
Agamemnon: How dare you try to touch my...floor swatter! *referring to the mop* (They begin fighting over it)
Diego: Eww, what's that smell? *sniffing himself* Did I get the kanay sense?
Daniel: Hey Diego.
Diego: *smelling him* Oh! Bro, wow, you're ripe.
Daniel: What? *smelling himself* Ugh, sorry.
Diego: No bro, it's fine. I mean, I know what's like to be the stinky one, well, to witches; to humans I always smell like a peach.
Daniel: Your sure about that bro?
Diego (defensive): Hey, the pizza oven gets very hot, okay? Sometimes I sweat, so sue me.
Daniel.: Eww. I hope you don't sweat into the pizzas.
Diego *in probable denial*: No never!
Daniel: Well, anyway, I stopped by because, I have something for you. I know how you're looking for your people. *gives him the Kanay stone* This is from the sanctuary.
Diego: Yeah, but this is Mia's, she made it, remember?
Daniel: Impossible. Mia never lived in the Everglades, not in this life anyway.
Diego (coming to realization): Wait, so, that means that...that there's another kanay in the Everglades.
Jessie (after seeing the stuffed animals he made appear): You can come in Jax.
Jax (coming in): Can we talk for a minute?
Jessie: I guess.
Jax (joining her on her bed): Listen, Jessie. I know that you're mad at me, and I get that. But, I'd rather you be safe and mad-
Jessie: I know.
Jax: I did what I had to protect you and Mom. I'd do it again if I had to. I just need you to know that.



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