Fransiscula was the pairing of Ursula Van Pelt and Francisco Alonso.

They were portrayed by Katie Barberi and René Lavan.

General Information
Nickname Franciscula


Intimacy Level Ex–Fiancé (Under Love Spell)

Good Friends
Kissed (A Girl's Sacrifice)
One Sided Crush (Ursula's Side)

Fransiscula MomentsEdit

Season 1Edit

Ursula crushes on Fransisco and is very eager to give him her "home-made" foods and tell him she is divorced.

Season 2 Edit

Ursula gives Fransisco a love pie, which makes him fall in love with her. It is announced to Maddie and Emma that they are engaged and so the two enemies will be sisters. They work together to break the spell however.

Season 3 Edit

By now it has become alarmingly clear that Fransisco is afraid of Ursula. The romance stays on hold. Ursula does attempt to have a picnic in his office with him.

Season 4 Edit

It is awkwardly revealed to Em that Ursula has been spying on Francisco and taking pictures of him. Ursula does not again come in contact with Francisco until the final episode, A Girl's Sacrifice. She tries to distract him in his office so he doesnt see all the magical fights in the hallways of Iridium High. He reads the rule-book to her but when he realizes she's taking a nap, he gets angry, getting up to leave. She attempts to stop him, but he insists to know why he stay.

As he starts to walk out, Ursula says, "This is why," and kisses him. Their current relationship status is unknown; but fans hope for the best.


The image gallery for Fransiscula may be viewed here.

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